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2017 INA Nanny of the Year Nominee – Kenda Horst

February 27, 2017
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kenda_2This week, INA will introduce you to our five outstanding nominees for INA Nanny of the Year. Join us Monday, May 1, 2017, when we’ll announce our 2017 INA Nanny of the Year, who will receive her honor at the upcoming INA Conference, on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Our first nominee is Kenda Horst from San Francisco, California. Kenda has worked as a nanny for 24 years. She loves that through her job she is able to provide peace of mind to busy parents. She is committed to being a steadying presence in the lives of those she cares for so they can establish a strong foundation from which to build. Though the small daily tasks that we do for children may seem inconsequential, Kenda believes that they are the fabric of kindness and love that children will carry with them throughout life. She is proud of the contributions she has made to children and this work has had the unanticipated effect of enriching her own life in immeasurable ways. In her current position, when her family needed to change their dietary plans, Kenda learned completely new ways of making delicious and nourishing meals for the entire family.

Kenda was nominated by Dr. Karen Kreider Yoder who stated “Kenda is a master at building children’s communication skills.  She listens and she asks good questions.  Our children would end the day with so much to say about their adventures in the city, because they had had a rich day of speaking, listening, and vocabulary.”