Annual Conference

*tentative and subject to change without notice.  Scroll down to see a complete listing of workshops & descriptions. 

(N) Nanny    (A) Agency    (NCS) Newborn Care Specialist    (G) General Audience


Thursday, May 18

8:00 AM ­ 12:30 PM Board of Directors Meeting >>Maize
INA Members welcome to attend.

12:00 PM – 6:30 PM Registration >>Mahogany Foyer
All conference attendees must check in to the INA Conference Registration table BEFORE attending ANY conference event. This is where you will receive your name badge and conference materials. No one will be allowed to enter an official conference event without their name badge.

12:30 PM – 12:45 PM Board of Directors Installation >>Maize
INA Members welcome to attend.

1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Job Fair >>Copper
Caregivers: Access is included with Full conference registration. Agencies: pre-purchase of staff table required.

2:00 PM ­ 4:00 PM INA Nanny Credential Exam (N) >>Maize
Pre­registration and payment required.

2:00 PM -­ 5:00 PM Nanny & NCS Coaching
Pre­registration and payment required.  

2:00 PM -­ 5:00 PM Owning a Nanny Agency 101: Tips & Tricks from seasoned agency owners >>Mahogany 1
*Pre­registration and payment required.

In this exclusive workshop, Caroline (Malkin) Wesnitzer, cofounder of Trusting Connections & Megan Metzger, Founder and President of Preferred ChildCare and Megan Metzger Consulting come together to share tips and tricks to starting an agency and successfully navigating the first three years of ownership. They will help you discover your unique selling proposition, develop effective and compliant hiring practices and marketing tactics to reach ideal nannies and clients quicker. Caroline will do a deep dive in understanding finances and effectively managing your books. With an open and honest approach and over two decades of experience Caroline & Megan will leave you with a roadmap to success saving you time, money and headache.

5:30 PM – ­ 6:00 PM First Time Attendee Orientation (G) >>Mahogany 2 & 3 Hosted by Kellie Geres, INA Conference Coordinator. First time conference attendees are invited to join us for this information introduction to the INA Conference. We will walk you through what to expect and how to get the most out of your conference experience. All are welcome to attend.

6:00 PM ­- 7:30 PM Welcome Reception >> Sapphire Pavilion Sponsored by HomePay provided by Breedlove
Join us as we kick­off our 32nd Annual Conference. Come meet new friends, and connect with old friends. Lite snacks and a cash bar will be available.

7:30 PM – 10:00 PM Optional: Group Dinners
Groups dinners are optional, sign up is required, and please bring cash for dinner payment, as many group settings cannot separate checks.

Friday, May 19

8:00 AM ­ 8:45 AM Breakfast >> Sapphire Pavilion Sponsored by Placement Solutions

9:00 AM ­ 10:15 AM Keynote Address: Finding Your Own Work/ Life Balance: Tips on Work Life Balance from a Recovering Workaholic
>> Mahogany 1-2-3-4 Sponsored by HomeWork Solutions
Presented by Megan Metzger, Preferred ChildCare and Megan Metzger Consulting (G)
As caregivers, parents, and supporters of the nanny industry we have the desire to nurture and help others, sometimes at the sake of our own mental sanity. In this workshop, Megan Metzger, Founder and President of Preferred ChildCare and Megan Metzger Consulting, will share her personal journey of being a nanny, mother, and business owner. She will share with you tips and tricks she learned from owning a business that ran her life to becoming an owner who now runs her business. She will help you learn how to create your own definition of a balanced life and give you the tools to create one you view as successful and fulfilling.

10:15 AM ­ – 11:00 AM Networking Break >> Mahogany Foyer Sponsored by Mahler Private Staffing 

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Smart Sleep Solutions 4-18 months (N) >> Mahogany 2
Presented by Janeen Hayward
Interested in learning more about healthy sleep habits for your children? From eliminating night waking to naps, this workshop will cover it all–and includes time reserved for asking questions about your specific sleep situation.

11:00 AM – 12:00 Cultural Differences & Sensitivity (NCS) >> Mahogany 1
Presented by Susan Labadi
The need for knowledge and tolerance of cultural sensitivities has never been greater, as wealth spreads and embraces a wider expanse of cultures. Agencies, nannies, and newborn care specialists find increasing complexities and nuances in working with their clients. As a trusted member of client families, you need to know what to expect and how to bridge potential gaps in protocols. Join Susan Labadi, who has guided educators on diversity, and ask sensitive questions from a reliable resource.

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Refining Systems and Processes (A) >>Sienna 1 & 2
Presented by Rosalind Prather, Trusting Connections
Every business owners’ goal should be to create a business that functions on its own. Whether you have dreams of expansion or you just want to be able to take a vacation without worrying about your agency falling apart without you, having the proper systems and processes in place is a critical component to every agency owner’s success. In this workshop, we will discuss why systems and processes are so important and how to establish and maintain them. We will also address how to integrate technology such as automation to refine your systems and processes and discuss industry-specific solutions throughout. Take the next steps to creating an agency that is a well-oiled machine!

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Working with Older Children (N) >> Mahogany 3
Panelists Include: Angela Jackson, Alice Shaffer, Daniel Butcher, Carli Lintemuth
Do you work with children aged nine years and up? Are your nanny kids reaching that age soon? This panel discussion with Q&A will provide a great sounding board for the common challenges nannies who care for older children face. Our panelists will briefly share their experiences working with kids from nine through their teen years. Then you will get a chance to ask your questions and get answers from those who have encountered those issues.

12:00 PM ­– 1:30 PM INA Meritorious Award & Service Award Pin Ceremony Luncheon >> Sapphire Pavilion
Join us as we honor our 2017 INA Meritorious Award Recipient, and award our INA Service Award Pins.

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM Smart Sleep Solutions: 18+ Months (N) >> Mahogany 2
Presented by Janeen Hayward
Interested in learning more about healthy sleep habits for your children? From eliminating night waking to naps, this workshop will cover it all–and includes time reserved for asking questions about your specific sleep situation. This workshop will focus on children over 18 months old and will be a continuation from the first Sleep Solution workshop. You do not need to attend the first workshop to be able to attend the second.

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM Working with LGBTQ Families (NCS)>> Mahogany 3
Presented by Kathleen Braun Butler, Your Baby Butler
As non-traditional families become more commonplace, there is a greater likelihood you may encounter yourself working for one. In this workshop, we will define the various types of families that are encompassed by the LGBTQIA+ umbrella. Discussions will include special considerations as caregivers working with these families, such as cultural sensitivity, gender appropriate pronouns and the roles of parenting for people with non-mainstream sexual orientation or gender identity. We will also cover issues regarding marketing yourself to LGBTQIA+ families, many of whom have significantly higher median household incomes than their heterosexual counterparts.

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM Find the Best Nanny – Be the Best Agency (A) >> Sienna 1 & 2 Presented by Jacalyn Burke
An agency is only as good as the nannies that it sources for its clients. Leaving a newborn baby with a nanny is one of the most terrifying experiences for new parents. Our job as agency principals is to close that “fear gap” but how? We do it by knowing how to find, screen and train the best possible child care providers. We do it by continuing to support our clients and our greatest assets: our staff.

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM How to Begin a Back-Up Care Program – Panel Discussion (A) >> Mahogany 1 Panelists include: Stacie Steelman, Crunch Care & Alisha Smith, Bright Horizons Workshop Sponsored by Bright Horizons
For agencies looking to establish a back-up care program relative to working with Bright Horizons. Participants will get a general overview of all program requirements, steps to take to begin the process, and a detailed overview on what is expected of care providers.

2:45 PM ­– 4:00 PM Round Table Discussions (N) >>Copper
Topics Include:

  • Working and Traveling Internationally with Babies and Children Facilitated by Helen McCarthy
  • Can we be toddler scientists again Facilitated by Stacie Gebeke
  • Tantrum Free in 1,2,3 Facilitated by Bethany Pires
  • Curriculum Planning Facilitated by Kelly Smith
  • Building Nanny Communities online & in-person Facilitated by Kellie Geres
  • Nanny knowledge and Its Power! Facilitated by Laura Schroeder and Thaty Oliveira

2:45 PM ­– 4:00 PM Infant Brain Development (NCS) >> Mahogany 1
Presented by Deborah McNelis, M. Ed., Brain Insights
Early interactions are critical to the base of self-regulation, resiliency, delayed gratification, executive function, relationships and behaviors throughout life. Did you know early relationships also affect learning? Join Deborah for this fascinating session and you will better understand the critical role secure attachment plays on the babies in your care. It is essential that everyone understands the impact of early relationships and how it can best be achieved.

2:45 PM ­– 4:00 PM How To Deal With Everyone (A) >> Sienna 1 & 2
Presented by Bob King, Legally Nanny
Nanny agency owners are besieged from all sides. Clients want to negotiate your contract, try to get out of your fees, or want a refund because a candidate didn’t work out. Candidates threaten to sue because you won’t place them or they didn’t get a job that they wanted. Other nanny agencies steal your website look, logo or language. Even the government may come calling to investigate discrimination or wage claims. This seminar will explain how to respond to everyone legally, professionally, and with the best results for your agency. We will provide an overview of applicable laws and best business practices for how you effectively deal with everyone on any occasion to minimize liability and get the best results for your agency.

2:45 PM ­– 4:00 PM Find Your Focus and Create a Map to a Life You Love at our Dream Board Workshop >> Mahogany 2
Hosted By Glenda Propst
Join this workshop to create a dream board that focuses on a dream or vision you have for your future, such as career accomplishment, bringing more fun into your life, starting your own successful business or planning for the ultimate retirement. The very act of creating the vision board tells your mind what’s important. Teach your mind what you want to focus on in your life and build a dream board today!

6:00 PM ­ 9:00 PM Optional: Group Dinners
Pre-registration and payment required.
Groups dinners are optional, sign up is required, and please bring cash for dinner payment, as many group settings cannot separate checks.  

Saturday, May 20

8:00 AM -­ 8:45 AM Breakfast >> Sapphire Pavilion Sponsored by Newborn Care Solutions

8:00 AM ­- 4:00 PM Vendor Marketplace >> Sienna 3 & 4
Visit our vendors for today only! Services and products brought together for one day, for nannies, NCS, agencies, and educators! A listing of participating vendors can be found on page 27.

9:00 AM -­ 10:15 AM Gender Differences in Brain Development (N) >> Mahogany 1 & 2 Presented by Deborah McNelis, M. Ed., Brain Insights
Pink or Blue? Gender Differences related to Learning:  Implications for how brain differences can impact learning are included in this very fun and interesting presentation. Awareness of these differences creates the opportunity for you to have a clearer understanding and provide for the optimal development of both boys and girls brains.

9:00 AM -­ 10:15 AM Professionalism, Ethics, and Name Dropping in the World of Social Media (NCS) >> Mahogany 1
Presented by: Tonya Sakowicz, Newborn Care Solutions & Louise Dunham, Placement Solutions
There seems to be a rise of name dropping and a loss of professionalism and ethics since our world has gone all “Social Media” crazy. People in all walks of life seem to have forgotten what is appropriate to share and not or have the misconception because they are in a “closed” or “private group” that they can share things without concern. In this workshop, we will look at this new phenomenon and how it affects Newborn Care Specialists since NCS are often working in High Profile and High Net Worth households. What is right, what is wrong, what an NDA really binds you to and how you can endanger clients and their children when you as an NCS violate both the written and unwritten rules of professionalism and ethics when it comes to client privacy and protection.

9:00 AM -­ 10:15 AM If You Cannot Read your Scorecard (Financial Statements), You Do Not Know the Score – Understanding Financial Statements for Business Owners (A) >> Sienna 1 & 2
Presented by Miranda Kerns
This workshop is geared for the new & the experienced Agency owner who want to understand more about their financial statements as essential tools in growing the revenue and profits of their business.

  • Break-even
    • Balance Sheet
    • Profit & Loss Statements
    • Cash Flow Statements

10:15 AM -­ 10:45 AM Networking Break >> Sienna 3 & 4 Sponsored by The Nanny Mentor

10:45 AM ­ 12:15 PM Sibling Rivalry: More Friendship, Less Fighting (N) >> Mahogany 2 Presented by Sara Sladoje
Are your children enjoyable one on one but maddening together? Did you know sibling relationships have long lasting effects on shaping our identity and self-esteem? How does the birth of a new sibling affect an older sibling? This workshop will provide information on what to expect regarding sibling fighting and behavior and research on why it is critical to foster healthy sibling interactions. Participants will learn effective tools to create a more collaborative and calm household among your children and nurture sibling bonds.

10:45 AM -­ 12:15 PM From Contact to Signed Contract (NCS) >> Mahogany 1
Presented by Cortney Gibson, Gibson Newborn Services
You love babies. You’ve invested in continuing education. Your reputation is growing and so are inquiries for your services. You’re great at your job, but how can you increase your ability to secure contracts and book your ideal clients? Join industry leader, Cortney Gibson, for an informative workshop that will give you the tools needed to set yourself apart from competitors and close deals so you can get back to nurturing babies! 

10:45 AM ­- 12:15 PM Navigating The Local Marketing Maze: How To Reach The Right Audience With The Right Offer (A) >> Sienna 1 & 2
Presented by Jim Fitzgerald, Taradel LLC  Sponsored by Crunch Care
In this workshop we will help you identify your trade area and specifically the hot spots within it. Then we will show you how to focus on the areas with the highest concentrations of people who act and look like your existing clients. We will then walk through the multiple options available to reach your audience and show you how you can create a multi-channel, fully integrated marketing campaign. Finally, we’ll show you how to track your campaigns to fully optimize results and improve future performance.

10:45 AM -­ 12:15 PM Nanny 2.0: A Fresh Take on Positivity and Professionalism (N) >> Mahogany 3
Presented by Tracey Chipps
The latest version on maintaining positivity in your day to day, promoting your chosen profession to friends and family, self-care guidance, and inspiration. This will be an interactive workshop to promote dialogue about the ups and downs of our profession. To promote positivity and self-care, random giveaways will be provided to lucky workshop attendees

12:00 PM -­ 1:30 PM Lunch ­ >> Sapphire Pavilion INA Annual Meeting and INA Nanny of the Year Ceremony Sponsored by GTM Payroll Service

1:45 PM -­ 3:00 PM How do we tell the children? Coping with divorce, death and difficulty (N) >> Mahogany 1
Presented by Sarah Sladoje
Many families at one time or another are faced with an illness, loss or parent separation. These situations bring a unique challenge to families and it is important to prepare children in a developmentally appropriate way. This workshop provides information on typical reactions children may have during these events, how to best support them, and language to use to help children understand what is happening. Preparation by families and caregivers in these circumstances is critical. With preparation and education, these life challenges can be better navigated and a more positive outcome reached for families.

1:45 PM -­ 3:00 PM Ask the Experts: NCS Panel Discussion >> Mahogany 3
Panelists include: Cortney Gibson, Tonya Sakowicz, Malia Hudson, Karen Yatsko, Kathleen Braun Butler
Come and ask some of the leading NCS in our industry your toughest questions. Chances are they’ve seen, heard and dealt with many issues facing today’s NCS.

1:45 PM -­ 3:00 PM The “B” Word: Defining Your Agency’s Brand (A) >> Sienna 1 & 2
Presented by Brandy Schultz, Adventure Nannies
Sponsored by Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing

As a young agency, it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to become whoever and whatever your clients want you to be at any given moment. While “branding” may seem like a buzzword or even a dirty word, someone will define the brand of your agency – either you, your nannies or your clients. This workshop will discuss how you can craft the voice and brand of your agency to attract (and define) your ideal nannies and clients.

1:45 PM -­ 3:00 PM Agency Staff: Panel Discussion (A) >> Mahogany 2
Panelists include: Sabrina Glenn, Trusting Connections; Kate Jones, Preferred ChildCare and Emily Chisholm, Adventure Nannies
Exclusively for agency staff members, this workshop will highlight the successes and challenges of working for a nanny agency. With panelists that work in the day-to-day operations of the nanny agency business, from recruiting, hiring, placements, payroll, and more, they have great insight and knowledge. Come with your questions and be ready learn from one another and create your own community of support!

3:00 PM – ­ 3:30 PM Networking Break Last chance to visit our Marketplace! >> Sienna 3 & 4 Sponsored by Nanny Circle & Chicago Nannies

3:30 PM –­ 4:30 PM Top 5 Nanny Hacks (N) >> Sienna 1 & 2
Presented by Jacalyn Burke
Are you looking for a strategy to raise your career game? Do you have unique skill-sets but you don’t know how to transfer them within the child care industry? Do you feel stuck in your job as a nanny? Child care author and advocate Jacalyn S Burke presents an exclusive workshop aimed at nannies like you. Jacalyn worked in Manhattan for 14 years as a nanny among every type of child care worker. She understands the industry and the marketplace. Her techniques and ideas will leave you with a game plan for success.

3:30 PM –­ 4:30 PM How to Establish and Grow a Successful NCS Business (NCS) >> Mahogany 3
Presented by Alexandra Latten
Ms. Latten believes to have success, mindset is everything, and by following these five steps, you will be on the path to having a successful NCS business.

  1. Start your day right = your morning inspiration
  2. Power of gratitude = gratitude is one of the most important elements
  3. Power of positive thinking = basic laws of attraction
  4. Power of consistency = discover the difference between failure and success
  5. Power of affirmations = how to make them work

3:30 PM –­ 4:30 PM Agency Round Table Discussions (A) >> Mahogany 1 & 2

Recruiting: Dos and Don’ts facilitated by Rosalind Prather, Trusting Connections
Business Ethics – Navigating the hard questions
facilitated by Louise Dunham, Placement Solutions
Increasing Your Temp Business
facilitated by Joanna Briese, Joanna’s Nannies
Social Media: Tips & Tricks
facilitated by Christina Tracy, Tracy Social Media
Increasing your bottom line – tips to increase revenue and decrease expenses
facilitated by Miranda Kerns
Living the Pie Life- Tips on being a Mom & business owner
facilitated by Ryan Jordan, Educated Nannies
Back Up Care- Taking Your Agency To The Next Level
facilitated by Dominique Rice, Perfect Fit Placement
Navigating Your INA Member Portal for Maximum Membership Benefits
facilitated by Kellie Geres, All Things Nanny 

3:30 PM –­ 4:30 PM Agency Coaching (A)
additional fee and sign up required

4:30 PM – 5:00 PM Caucus ­ Nanny  >> Sienna 1 & 2
NCS >> Mahogany 3
Agency >> Mahogany 1 & 2

5:15 PM ­– 6:45 PM Closing Reception & Raffle >> Sapphire
Come join us as we close out conference. This will be your last chance to purchase raffle tickets and we will be drawing for the amazing selection of prizes. You must be present to win or designate an agent to accept your prize. Cash bar and light appetizers will be provided.

7:00 PM ­ 9:00 PM Optional: Group Dinners
Groups dinners are optional, sign up is required, and please bring cash for dinner payment, as many group settings cannot separate checks.


Sunday, May 21

8:00 AM ­ 1:00 PM Board of Directors Meeting. >> Maize
All members are welcome to attend.

8:00 AM ­ 10:00 AM INA Nanny Credential Exam
>> Executive Board Room
Pre-registration and payment required.