INA Membership Conference Endowment

INA is pleased to announce the 3nd Annual INA Membership Conference Endowment. The INA Membership Conference Endowment has been developed as a way to recognize our members for their dedication to the in-home child care industry.

Started in 2011, the INA Member Conference Endowment secured its initial funding from half of all monies raised through the 2011 INA Annual Conference 50/50 raffle. INA is pleased to continue earmarking half of all monies raised in future Annual Conference 50/50 raffles to the INA Member Conference Endowment fund. As tradition, the other half of all monies raised will continue to go towards supporting a local children’s charity in the city where INA’s Annual Conference is held.

2014 INA Member Conference Endowment Application Process


Entry Categories

There are two categories for INA Member Conference Endowment entry: Business Member Entries and Caregiver Member Entries. The Business Member entry category includes members who provide a business or service to the nanny community. Business Members include those members who hold Standard or Supporting memberships. The Caregiver Member entry category includes members who provide care for children, including but not limited to Nannies, Newborn Care Specialists and Temporary/Travel Nannies. Caregiver members include those members who hold Individual memberships.


Through the 2014 INA Membership Conference Endowment, INA is pleased to offer full conference registration (a $425 value) to four INA members. Please note this does not include additional workshops that cost money.  Two full conference registrations will be given to those in the Business category and two in the Caregiver’s category.  You may transfer your Endowment award to another person who wishes to come to the conference.


Applicants must hold current membership in INA as of February 3, 2014 and must be able to attend the 2014 INA Annual Conference March 27-30, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA.


INA Board of Directors, conference speakers and workshop presenters, conference sponsors who receive complimentary registration, the 2013 and 2014 INA Nanny of the Year award recipients and INA members who are eligible for 50% off of their conference registration, are not eligible to participate.

Application Instructions

Complete the 3-step 2014 INA Membership Conference Endowment application form in its entirety during the allotted time frame, Monday February 3, 2014 through Wednesday February 12, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST. Answers will be submitted via Google Document form. 

Step 1 Complete the questions about the applicant.

Step 2 Answer the trivia questions about INA. The triva question answers can be found on

Step 3 Answer the two personal essay questions. The essay questions must be between 10-15 sentences each and applicants are encouraged to use spelling and grammar check.

Awarding of Gifts

Applicants must:
-Complete all personal questions with the correct number of sentences, spelling and grammar.
-Use the correct number of sentences for each of the personal essay questions.
-Answer all the trivia questions correctly.

If the entrant has completed Step 1 properly, answered the questions in Step 2 correctly and followed the guidelines in Step 3 correctly, they will be placed in a “pool” to be chosen for one of the four endowments awarded.  Business and Caregiver entries are “pooled” separately. There will be two award recipients chosen from the Business entry category and two from the Caregiver entry category, along with one alternate for each entry category.

The award recipients will be chosen via  If you are awarded an endowment you may transfer the award to another 2014 conference attendee.

Those who have been chosen for the 2014 Conference Endowment will be notified via phone or email by Sunday February 16, 2014. 

Any questions about the process please contact Alice Shaffer at 

 Application for the Annual Conference Endowment here