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INA NOTY SealNanny of the Year™ Award

The NOTY™ award is presented annually by the International Nanny Association (INA) to recognize the personal achievements of a working nanny. INA’s Nanny of the Year™ (NOTY™) serves as an example of the best kind of nanny and represents a positive role model for our industry and association. The NOTY™ is expected to perform specific duties before, during and after the INA annual conference.


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2015 Nanny of the Year™

Introducing INA’s 2015 NOTY™, Marly Higgins Driskell of Spring TX


Marly Higgins Driskell 2015 NOTYSince Marly was 8 years old, she has always wanted to be a nanny and has molded her whole life around this. Kids have always seemed to be fascinated by her and she has always found herself surrounded by them.

Marly graduated from the National Academy of Nanny Inc. in Denver, CO. She worked for the president of NANI as nanny to his 2 boys during her training.

For over 21 years, she has been a nanny for both boys (5) and girls (8) from newborns to young teenagers, including a set of twins. She has created and developed fun and educational activities that are age appropriate to help children use their imaginations. She has traveled with families on vacations and also had complete responsibility while parents were away for weekend trips. She has worked with parents who are medical doctors, CPAs, a child psychologist, a Houston Police Department homicide detective, a FBI agent, an air traffic controller, a pharmaceutical sales person, and many who work in the oil industry. She provides the same professional attitude towards each parent.

Marly became interested in working overnights with newborn multiples as a result of working with her family that has twins. As a Certified Overnight Care Specialist and Newborn Care Specialist she is experienced with newborn preemie multiples (several sets of twins, triplets, quadruplets, and a set of quintuplets). She is confident when dispensing prescribed medications, monitoring oxygen levels and the cardiorespiratory monitor. Many of the babies suffer with reflux and Marly helps them get relief by providing the prescribed medications and elevating them for at least 30 minutes after each feeding by making a safe nest so they aren’t lying flat which can cause more pain. For gas pains, she provides exercises that help to relieve the gas. She teaches the parents these methods of relief so they are confident in their interactions with their babies.