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Nanny of the Year™ Official Seal

As the 2013 International Nanny Association’s (INA) Nanny of the Year™ (NOTY™) was being selected, the INA wanted to create a seal that represents what the Nanny of the Year™ means. We asked NOTYs and others who support the mission of the NOTY™ program what four words they think of when they heard “Nanny of the Year™”. Many of the same words were mentioned. As one is selected to be the Nanny of the Year™, they become part of a unique family with fellow NOTYs.

INA Nanny of the Year (NOTY) Seal


Shape of the Seal:  The family crest represents the family of Nanny of the Years™.

Excellence:  NOTY™ displays a level of distinction in all they do.

Care:  NOTY™ has an unfaltering commitment to nurture those in her charge.

Dedication:  NOTY™ has an unconditional commitment to the childcare industry and their jobs.

Passion:  NOTY™ has consistent drive and enthusiasm for her job and career in the nanny industry.


1990 Nanny of the Year ™ Harriette Grant

1991 Glenda Willm Propst

1992 Janet Schilling

1993 Glenda Durst

1994 Madison Myers

1995 Gail Bittle

1996 Laurie Crowfoot

1997 Kellie Geres

1998 Cynthia Wilkinson

1999 Heidi Kuehner

2000 Tess Krier

2001 Carol Anderson

2002 Marni Kent

2003 Michelle McNabb

2004 Michelle LaRowe

2005 Jenny Brown

2006 Becky Kavanagh

2007 Christy Ochs

2008 Donna Robinson

2009 MaryAnn Meddish

2010 Greta Schraer

2011 Marcia Hall

2012 Nikki Gribble

2013 Joanne Barrow

2014 Sheri Lopez

2015 Marly Higgins Driskell

2016 Helen McCarthy

2017 Candida Vajana