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Credential, Certificate, Certification and Accreditation, OH MY: Why these 4 words do not all mean the same thing

  You will find a great deal of misinformation regarding what it means for a program to be a certificate program, a certification program, and a credentialing program, as well as what it means to be accredited. INA would like to help everyone understand the differences, as we move forward with developing an In-home Childcare… Read more »

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Why Continuing Education is Important

Caring for children is a very rewarding career and one to be very proud of. It is full of challenges, fun and constant change. It seems every few years, the common core of child care gets an adjustment by the American Academy of Pediatrics and often what are common child care practices of today may… Read more »

August 20, 2015

Nanny Resource: A Journey Without a Suitcase

Summertime fun can mean afternoons at the pool, vacation time with family or play dates at the local park.  However, summer days may also include scorching hot afternoons with a dangerous UV index or a rain storm that sends nannies and their charges indoors.  Jazz up the indoor activities for school-aged children to include virtual… Read more »

Tags: | August 13, 2015

Green is the New Black: Why it matters with young children

Green is the New Black, presented by Tonya Sakowicz at the INA Conference in Cancun, was a big hit with the Newborn Care Specialist attendees!  Tonya, the owner of Baby Go Green, Inc. gave a well-informed presentation on what exactly “going green” is and why it matters to each of us. A very powerful video… Read more »

Tags: , | July 30, 2015

Why would I want a nanny mentor?

I have this nanny thing under control, I know what I am doing, and my relationship with my nanny family is going great! In fact, I am very happy, so why would I want a mentor? Mentors are for when times are challenging, are they not? The answer to that question is “NO”. Mentors are… Read more »

Tags: | July 9, 2015

Top 10 Reasons Why All Professional Nannies Should be Members of the INA

Written By: Elika Kabui Experts No nanny likes to hear the words “off the books” during an interview. I am absolutely cringing as I type. Negotiating fair and legal wages is easier said than done. I know many nannies who would be having some real trouble getting into an apartment or applying for a loan… Read more »

Tags: | July 2, 2015

Sensory Boxes – Edutainment for Children and the Nanny!

This article was contributed by Marly Driskell. Marly is a professional nanny who works in Texas, and she is the International Nanny Association’s 2015 Nanny of the Year. Thank you Marly for sharing. Education Can be Fun – the Sensory Box I have always loved doing arts and crafts with children.  I don’t mind if… Read more »

Tags: | June 25, 2015

INA Launches Updated Nanny Credential Exam

What is the INA Nanny Credential Exam? The INA Nanny Credential Exam is designed to assess a nanny’s practical knowledge of child care.  It is a comprehensive exam intended to test the skills of a professional nanny of a wide array of child care related subjects, including children’s physical, emotional and social growth and development,… Read more »

Tags: , | June 18, 2015

Teen Independence: A Nanny’s Role

Nannies, Guiding your Tween/ Teen (or threenager!) to Independence INA member Keyanna Barr, a professional nanny working in Northern Virginia, submitted this informative and engaging article to share tips she learned at the International Nanny Association’s 30th Annual Conference in April 2015. Thank you Keyanna! I am a live-in Nanny/ House Manager for four girls ages 4,6,8,… Read more »

Tags: , | June 11, 2015

Nannies Document Early Childhood Learning

Documenting the Journey Why should parents, nannies and child care providers be the keepers of memories?  Of course, the most obvious is to document the child’s milestones and childhood for years to come.  However, there are other reasons.  To use these experiential learning adventures to build new skills and connect to prior knowledge is not… Read more »

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