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A Letter To The Family That Gets My Nanny….

October 23, 2017
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Our nanny of over two years is moving away and can no longer work for us. She has chosen now to work for you. I have bittersweet emotions over your good fortune and our loss. You see when we hired Jill we thought she would do a good job. She had good experience, great references, and a charming smile. We thought she would teach our children and be a dependable child care provider. What we didn’t know was that she would be so much more.

You see dear family, Jill was not just our nanny-she became part of our family.

She potty trained our daughter.

She taught our son to write his name.

She took them on picnics in the park and played board games on rainy days.

She kissed their boo boos and scared away their monsters.

She planned their birthday parties and coordinated our outfits for family photo shoots.

She encouraged their love of creativity and fed their curiosity for the world.

When I struggled to go back to work full time she sent me videos and photos of the children and met me for lunch. She let me experience the “firsts” with my children even if I really wasn’t the first to see.

When we struggled where to send our son for school, she reviewed all the pamphlets and went on tours with us. She knows all his teachers and classmates by name.

When we lost a child she wept with us and when we brought our new baby into the world she thanked us. Thanked us for giving her another child to love.

Dear family…..nannying is not a job for Jill it’s a way of life. God has given her so many gifts but caring for children is her true calling.

However dear family, Jill did so much more than care for our children.  She cared for all of us and now she has chosen to care for you. Take care of her dear family and know we are forever changed because of all she did for us.


Megan Metzger, Founder and President of Preferred ChildCare, turned her hobby of babysitting into a successful business with one of the largest temp. divisions in the nation. Today she employs over 200 on-call and part-time nannies as well as places traditional full-time nannies. Megan is a mom to three children, Hunter age 8, Lily age 4, and Emma Grace, age 2 and finds her business more useful now than ever. Megan is a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she previously acted as Vice President of the Alumni Board. She is a founding member of the North Carolina Board of Entrepreneurship and serves on the International Nanny Association Board of Directors. Megan also owns Megan Metzger Consulting and provides consultation services for numerous nanny agencies and other entrepreneurs, she is passionate about helping others grow their businesses.