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Nanny of the Year Portfolio – Breaking it Down Week by Week. Week 6

October 12, 2017
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In continuing our breakdown of the NOTY Digital Portfolio we have a light week. You may or may not have completed Section 6 – Work History last week. So, if you did not, this week is the time to finish it up. In addition, you will be working on Section 11 and if time allows, start reviewing your cover letter and essay questions.

Section 11 – Images. This is where you begin to gather some pictures that you feel represent you and your nanny career. These need to be in JPG form and there are size restrictions when you upload them. Please be sure to get approval for the use of the pictures from the parents of any children in the photos.

If you have finished your Work History and gathered the images you want to use, and you have time, you may want to go back to your cover letter and essays to take a second look at them.

You have worked so hard and are almost there! If you have any questions please contact INA Membership Services Office by phone at 888.878.1477 or by email at  Please include “NOTY Question” in the subject line of your email.

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