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More Nanny Educational Workshops at INA’s Conference March 27 – 30. 2014

This year’s International Nanny Association’s 29th Annual Conference is shaping up to be huge. It is full of amazing and dynamic speakers. We have been releasing speaker details for the last several weeks. Time is running short – discounted early bird registration ends on February 22, 2014. We have a stellar program awaiting attendees, and are… Read more »

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The Nanny Doctor and Nanny Stella to Present at INA Conference

How to Balance Professionalism with Self-Care The International Nanny Association 29th Annual Conference will be here before you know it. This year’s Conference is in Los Angeles, CA, March 27 – 30, 2014. The INA is pleased to announce that Dr. Lindsay Heller (AKA The Nanny Doctor) and Stella Reid, Nanny Stella from Nanny 911 will… Read more »

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New Nanny Agency Workshop: Intensive Planning Session

What to Expect…Your First Year in Business and Beyond The International Nanny Association is delighted to announce an intensive pre-conference workshop designed specifically for new nanny agencies and those planning the launch of their new nanny agency. This workshop will be held Thursday March 27 in conjunction with the INA’s 29th Annual Conference to be… Read more »

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Best Practices For Your Nanny Agency Part 3: Retirement Plans

Now that you’ve secured the best credit cards for your small business and determined the best health care plan for you and your employees, it’s time to start thinking about long term financial planning. Retirement plans for your agency- or any small business- is an excellent vehicle to sock away money for your golden years… Read more »

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The Art of Self Promotion: Modern Nanny Agency Marketing

Nanny Agencies, understand the key role authentic self promotion plays in your business’ success! The International Nanny Association’s 29th Annual Conference will be held in Los Angeles, CA on March 27-30th, 2014. The conference attracts nanny agency owners, nannies and nanny educators from across the United States  and around the world who seek opportunities to expand their network,… Read more »

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Five Ways To Build A Better Nanny Agency

Optimizing every available business resource is a key element in owning and operating a nanny agency. Starting a small business, or choosing to expand upon an existing one, is a very big decision. If you’re starting from the ground up, you’ll need to get your finances in order, create a cash flow projection and draft a… Read more »

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Nanny Educational Opportunity – Working for Divorced Families

Have you been watching the speaker announcements regarding the INA’s 29th Annual Conference, Los Angeles CA March 27 – 30 2014? The International Nanny Association has an amazing lineup of workshop for Nannies, Newborn Care Specialist, Nanny Agencies and other industry related business.  One of our most exciting workshops on the Nanny Track is Molly… Read more »

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Avoiding The “Nanny Tax” Trap

As tax season fast approaches, it’s in your best interest to understand exactly which taxes you are required to pay if you employ household workers. In short, household employers are obligated to file state and federal taxes on behalf of their employee or risk the stiff penalties that come along with filing falsely- even if… Read more »

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Creative Marketing Consultant to Lead Nanny Agency Workshops at INA Conference

The International Nanny Association is hosting their 29th Annual Conference on March 27-30, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. The INA serves as the umbrella association for the in-home child care industry by providing information, education and guidance to the public and to industry professionals. INA annual conferences attract nanny agency owners, nannies and nanny educators from across… Read more »

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2014 – 2016 INA Board of Directors Nominees

Each year members of the International Nanny Association are presented with a slate of nominees to serve the organization.   Below is the list of the current board members whose terms have expired who wish to continue serving the organization, as well as new nominees seeking to join the board and serve. Members will receive… Read more »

January 9, 2014