Nanny Family Agreement

**Not Available At This Time For Purchase**

The INA regrets that due to the rapidly evolving laws and regulations at the state level, including Domestic Worker Bills of Rights in New York, California, Hawaii and Massachusetts, a universal recommended nanny family agreement is obsolete. We recommend instead that you download the INA’s FREE Nanny Employer Handbook.


The INA strongly encourages all employers and nannies to enter into a written  Nanny/Family Agreement

  • A Nanny Family Agreement should contain all of the important elements neeeded to create a professional employment agreement including salary and tax considerations, job descriptions, overtime and more.
  • Professional INA member nanny agencies are encouraged to download and distribute the INA’s FREE Nanny Employer Handbook, an important educational tool from a respected international organization.
  • A Nanny Family Agreement should reflect current industry standards developed by INA for contract negotiation.
  • A good nanny work agreement clearly defines employment parameters.

A nanny family work agreement helps secure a successful placement as nannies and employers are able to iron out important employment details prior to beginning their working relationship.