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Best Practices to Establish the Perfect Nanny Relationship

You’ve finished your search and have finally hired the best-fit nanny for your family, but where do you go from here to ensure that you develop the best possible nanny relationship ongoing? Honeymoon Period In every new job, both the employer and employee will be trying to make the best possible impression. Venturing into new… Read more »

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Fun Things to do in Tucson, AZ

Are you getting excited about the INA Conference 2018? Registration opens in a few days (December 1st) but while you wait to register we thought you might like to hear about some of the fun and exciting things you can do in the area outside of the conference. You might want to consider coming a… Read more »

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A Week of STEAM

  While single aspects of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) can be fun and educational; when we connect these fields children make more sense of them all. When I plan a week of related projects I try to have several books on hand to read every day with a mix of fiction as… Read more »

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Eclipse Brings Universe of Fun to Nanny World

On Monday, August 21, 2017, a Total Solar Eclipse is coming to the United States! Although I’m not in the path of totality I’m still really excited!  I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to teach my charges (ages nearly 3 and turning 6 this week!) about this celestial wonder! We will get to experience… Read more »

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Nannying For The Child With Special Needs

  As modern families continue to grow, they have become more prone to hiring professional, experienced nannies to support the day-to-day management of their busy households. As a result, nanny roles have become much more complex and integral to the family dynamic than ever before. Nannies are expected to be more deeply involved in the… Read more »

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Healthy and Effective Ways to Feed Your Littles

“Patience works better than pressure” According to nutritional studies adults gravitate towards the same foods eaten during childhood. Young children need nutritious foods to grow and be healthy. Getting them to eat can sometimes be challenging and frustrating. It is normal for young children to protest to lots of things and eating healthy foods tops… Read more »

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Pump Up The Volume

Most nannies are looking for new ways to engage their charges.  New and innovative ways to add value by integrating skills and concepts is within your reach.  Start by thinking of a simple everyday activity then pump it up!  The first priority is to ensure the activity is safe.  Next, consider if it is developmentally… Read more »

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Nanny Resources: 100 Ways to Connect with Your Charges

Once you get your nanny job you will need to connect with the kids you will be watching.  Depending on the ages of the children, this task can be simple or very challenging.  It may also depend on if the kids have previously had a nanny and how they felt about her.  The best thing… Read more »

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Nanny Resources: Fun Ways to Learn Letters and Numbers

It is summer, and nannies and parents every where are searching for exciting, engaging and educational outdoor play suggestions for their children.  Sharon Rief, owner of Teacher Resources For Parents, would like to share some fun multi-sensory ways to teach letters and numbers to young kids. 1) Sand or shaving cream on a cookie sheet :… Read more »

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