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Steps for a Successful Start – Revised and Enhanced Now Available

Are you thinking of starting a Nanny Placement Agency or have you recently started one? Then you will want to get a copy of our new and improved publication Steps for a Successful Start. Created and updated by industry leaders, it will help you as you enter the entrepreneurial world. This is a great resource you’ll… Read more »

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Introducing the INA Ambassador Program

We are excited to introduce you to the brand new International Nanny Association – Ambassador Program.  The Ambassador Program (AP) will work to help grow the INA membership and build relationships near and far! Goals of the AP Team Member are to get out and educate the community, raise awareness of the INA and to… Read more »

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Proven Steps To Help You And Your Baby Transition To A Nanny When It’s Time To Go Back To Work

  As soon as your maternity leave starts, you can almost hear the time ticking away.  With every tiny smile and little yawn, your heart lurches as you think about the day when you’ll have to go back to work.  You worry that your infant will miss you.  You wonder whether your baby will get… Read more »

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What Does a Thorough Background Check Look Like?

While INA’s Recommended Practices for Background Screening helps individuals and business understand the basics of background checks, it can be tricky to determine how to apply these recommendations to get the most from your background checks. This post will provide some guidance on these issues. The Social Security Number (SSN) Verification is a basic component… Read more »

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Nanny Background Screening is more than a Nanny Background Check

The nanny industry – nannies, nanny referral professionals, nanny background screeners and educators – share an overwhelming concern for the wellbeing of the children being cared for by a nanny in their home. We are all child care professionals. Sadly, there is yet another story making the news rounds about a nanny hired from an… Read more »

Tags: , | October 15, 2014

Nanny Agency Updates: Nanny Background Screening

Thorough nanny background screening by a nanny referral agency is a key service differentiator from online nanny job matching sites. A nanny agency must remain current on background screening regulations at the state and Federal levels to avoid engaging in prohibited practices. Here is a brief summary of new developments that INA agency members should be aware… Read more »

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Use Caution when Hiring a Nanny Using Online Services

The International Nanny Association is aware of a recent incident involving a nanny in New Jersey who was hired to care for a child for 4 hours. According to sources, the mother found the nanny passed-out, drunk and the child crying and in a soiled diaper. The child was physically uninjured and the nanny was… Read more »

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