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Conference Workshop Spotlight: Smart Sleep Solutions – 4 months plus

Conference Workshop Spotlight: Smart Sleep Solutions – 4 months plus Speaker: Janeen Hayward Topics: Sleep Solutions “…the great importance of healthy sleep in terms of brain development and emotional regulations…” As we continue our series spotlighting presenters at this year’s INA Conference, we are taking a closer look at Janeen Hayward. Janeen Hayward has been… Read more »

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Conference Workshop Spotlight – Brain Development

Speaker: Deborah McNelis Topics: Infant Brain Development and Gender Differences “… creates an inspired confidence in providing what children need most from those caring for children.” In this posting, we are going to meet Deborah McNelis. Ms. McNelis is an author, international speaker, educator and parent. As a Brain Development Specialist and founder of Brain… Read more »

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Four Tips for Avoiding Household Employment Tax Mistakes

By Tom Breedlove of HomePay by Breedlove   When a family decides to hire a nanny to care for their kids, both parties are completely focused on fit – financial, schedule, personality, etc. Once everything is aligned between family and caregiver, the final step is to make sure all the tax and legal aspects of… Read more »

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Back to Basics – Outside Fun That Will Remind You of Your Childhood

With summer upon us and the sun shining there is no better time to get the kids outside and play. Of course, it is important to remember to Slip on a shirt, Slop on the 30+ sunscreen, Slap on a hat, but once that is done get outside and enjoy playing with the kids. Whether… Read more »

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Play with a Purpose

What is the significance of play? Research from the American Academy of Pediatrics on the topic of play is clear.  In one Pediatrics publication article, The Importance of Play in Promoting Healthy Child Development and Maintaining Strong Parent Child Bonds, Kenneth Ginsburg shares, “Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and… Read more »

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Preparing for Nanny Transitions

No matter how long you have been a nanny, how many children you have cared for, how much education or experience you have or what your level of expertise is, in our profession, there is one undeniable truth that none of us can avoid. Nanny jobs end. Children grow up, parents’ needs change, and no… Read more »

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Pump Up The Volume

Most nannies are looking for new ways to engage their charges.  New and innovative ways to add value by integrating skills and concepts is within your reach.  Start by thinking of a simple everyday activity then pump it up!  The first priority is to ensure the activity is safe.  Next, consider if it is developmentally… Read more »

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Nanny Resource: A Journey Without a Suitcase

Summertime fun can mean afternoons at the pool, vacation time with family or play dates at the local park.  However, summer days may also include scorching hot afternoons with a dangerous UV index or a rain storm that sends nannies and their charges indoors.  Jazz up the indoor activities for school-aged children to include virtual… Read more »

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Top 10 Reasons Why All Professional Nannies Should be Members of the INA

Written By: Elika Kabui Experts No nanny likes to hear the words “off the books” during an interview. I am absolutely cringing as I type. Negotiating fair and legal wages is easier said than done. I know many nannies who would be having some real trouble getting into an apartment or applying for a loan… Read more »

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Teen Independence: A Nanny’s Role

Nannies, Guiding your Tween/ Teen (or threenager!) to Independence INA member Keyanna Barr, a professional nanny working in Northern Virginia, submitted this informative and engaging article to share tips she learned at the International Nanny Association’s 30th Annual Conference in April 2015. Thank you Keyanna! I am a live-in Nanny/ House Manager for four girls ages 4,6,8,… Read more »

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