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2017 INA Nanny Salary & Benefits Survey RESULTS

The International Nanny Association is pleased to release the results of the 2017 INA Nanny Salary and Benefits Survey, conducted by INA and sponsored by HomeWork Solutions.   The INA conducts this survey to provide credible salary and benefit information about in-home child care professionals. The 2017 Nanny Salary and Benefits survey highlights the effects of… Read more »

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2017 INA Salary & Benefits Survey

INA is conducting our latest Salary & Benefits Survey to gather important data from nannies, specialty nannies, and Newborn Care Specialists.   By taking the survey and sharing it with nannies you know, in nanny groups or online communities, you are helping INA, and our industry, gain an accurate picture of the employment trends in our… Read more »

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5 Tips for Saving Money with an Irregular Income: For Nannies, Newborn Care Specialists and New Business Owners

  Working as a nanny, a newborn care specialist, or starting your own business will reward you with a variety of skills and experiences that don’t come with a regular 9-to-5. In these positions, you may be offered a certain level of flexibility as well as the ability to control your working hours.  However, this… Read more »

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What Ivanka Trump’s Proposed Changes to the Child Care Tax Credit Can Mean to the Nanny World

  When President Trump laid out his vision for America to Congress last week he highlighted his vision to make tax policy around child care more family friendly. Ivanka outlined a plan to allow families to deduct child-care expenses from their taxable income, with the amount capped at the average cost of child care in their… Read more »

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Four Tips for Avoiding Household Employment Tax Mistakes

By Tom Breedlove of HomePay by Breedlove   When a family decides to hire a nanny to care for their kids, both parties are completely focused on fit – financial, schedule, personality, etc. Once everything is aligned between family and caregiver, the final step is to make sure all the tax and legal aspects of… Read more »

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Nanny Employment Labor and Tax Law Changes for 2015

The rules and regulations surrounding domestic or household employment are constantly evolving. Here is a quick glance of 2015 household employment regulations. $1900 The wage base that triggers an employer’s responsibility for household employment taxes – the so-called “nanny tax” – continues to be $1900 of wages paid in a year. This applies to all… Read more »

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Nanny Agency Tips: Talking to a Family about Payroll and Nanny Tax

The Nanny Tax Conversation: Nanny Agency Tips You are helping a new client family do a needs assessment prior to beginning the nanny search.  During the course of the conversation you query them about their childcare budget. How much do they plan to spend on their nanny? The family throws out a weekly number that sounds… Read more »

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Avoiding The “Nanny Tax” Trap

As tax season fast approaches, it’s in your best interest to understand exactly which taxes you are required to pay if you employ household workers. In short, household employers are obligated to file state and federal taxes on behalf of their employee or risk the stiff penalties that come along with filing falsely- even if… Read more »

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