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September is Safety Month! Baby and Child Safety Tips for Working Nannies

As a working nanny, safety is undoubtedly among your top priorities. It’s tough to make sure that young children avoid everyday dangers, let alone unexpected natural disasters like hurricanes and house fires. Keeping the kiddos safe is a year-round endeavor, but in light of September’s National Preparedness Month and Baby Safety Month events, here are… Read more »

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Not The Babysitter: How To Develop Your Professional Career In Child Care

Nannying has continuously evolved and changed over the years to meet the needs of children, their families, and the caretakers. As new research emerges and the child care community identifies a gap in how we can provide exceptional care, we can always count on the industry leaders, agencies, and child-focused experts to jump in and… Read more »

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Baby Nurse vs. Newborn Care Specialist

Nanny or Babysitter? At this point, we have put this issue to rest in our industry and have very effectively worked with agencies to educate families on the differences between a babysitter and a nanny. Now, a different terminology issue continues to surface, despite the fact that the industry leader, the INA, adopted an official… Read more »

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