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Proven Steps To Help You And Your Baby Transition To A Nanny When It’s Time To Go Back To Work

  As soon as your maternity leave starts, you can almost hear the time ticking away.  With every tiny smile and little yawn, your heart lurches as you think about the day when you’ll have to go back to work.  You worry that your infant will miss you.  You wonder whether your baby will get… Read more »

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Conference Workshop Spotlight: Smart Sleep Solutions – 4 months plus

    Conference Workshop Spotlight: Smart Sleep Solutions – 4 months plus Speaker: Janeen Hayward Topics: Sleep Solutions “…the great importance of healthy sleep in terms of brain development and emotional regulations…” As we continue our series spotlighting presenters at this year’s INA Conference, we are taking a closer look at Janeen Hayward. Janeen Hayward… Read more »

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Conference Workshop Spotlight – Brain Development

  Speaker: Deborah McNelis Topics: Infant Brain Development and Gender Differences “… creates an inspired confidence in providing what children need most from those caring for children.” In this posting, we are going to meet Deborah McNelis. Ms. McNelis is an author, international speaker, educator and parent. As a Brain Development Specialist and founder of… Read more »

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2017 INA Conference Workshop Proposals Now Being Accepted

PLEASE SHARE THIS POST – GREAT WORKSHOPS WANTED! Deadline September 15, 2016 The International Nanny Association is planning its 32nd Annual Conference, to be held May 18 – 21, 2017 in Chicago, IL. Do you have an idea for a great workshop that you would like to share? Do you know a professional whose knowledge… Read more »

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The Dr. Shosh Wellness Plan

Nannies, NCS, and agency owners can help new moms and dads by offering helpful resources and non-judgmental support. For every new mom and mom-to-be: The Dr. Shosh Wellness Plan contains seven essential pieces. Throw out the myths and fantasies of motherhood (my needs shouldn’t matter anymore, taking care of a baby is easy for good… Read more »

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Baby Nurse vs. Newborn Care Specialist

Nanny or Babysitter? At this point, we have put this issue to rest in our industry and have very effectively worked with agencies to educate families on the differences between a babysitter and a nanny. Now, a different terminology issue continues to surface, despite the fact that the industry leader, the INA, adopted an official… Read more »

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Green is the New Black: Why it matters with young children

Green is the New Black, presented by Tonya Sakowicz at the INA Conference in Cancun, was a big hit with the Newborn Care Specialist attendees!  Tonya, the owner of Baby Go Green, Inc. gave a well-informed presentation on what exactly “going green” is and why it matters to each of us. A very powerful video… Read more »

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Newborn Care Specialists: Claim your ideal client!

Tamiko Kelly was the first speaker for the Newborn Care Specialists educational track at the INA Conference in Cancun. Tamiko gave a presentation titled, “Claim Your Ideal Client:  How to Take Your Business From Frazzled to Fantastic With 3 Simple Steps.” Tamiko began her presentation with her background and how she came to be a Sleep… Read more »

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Post Natal Depression Awareness In Australia

It’s not all black and white: Postnatal Depression Awareness  The 3rd week of November is recognized as Post Natal Depression Awareness Week in Australia (Postpartum Depression is the language used in America).  INA member Louise Dunham’s agency, Placement Solutions, entered into a sponsorship arrangement with PANDA – the Post and Antenatal Depression Association in 2014… Read more »

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2015 INA Conference Newborn Care Specialists Speakers & Workshops

Newborn Care Specialist Track Workshops & Speakers Support for the Breastfeeding Mother Haleigh Almquist & Brittany Hunt  As Newborn Care Specialists, breastfeeding support and guidance falls under one of our big responsibilities. Breastfeeding support and education in the early days is vital for a new mom to encourage a lasting and healthy breastfeeding relationship with… Read more »

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