About Us

INA Strategic Goals 2017-2019

  • Clarify Membership Value

We have often been asked by both our members and from non-members, what value does INA membership give? First and foremost, we are committed to improving membership value and better explain why people should be involved in this organization.


  • Enhance Financial Health of the INA

We will continue to make fiscally responsible and wise choices when it comes to what we spend. Remembering that the goal of the association is to inform, educate, and guide the industry.     


  • Elevate the Conference Experience

This has been an assumed goal since the beginning of the INA but by naming it we can begin to fine-tune the processes and value that conference adds to the industry. Look for exciting improvements in the future.


  • Inspire Community Involvement

Achievement of this goal will mean that the INA is the voice of the industry to local and global communities. It means that we want to be forward thinking in our approach to the programs, activities, and actions taken by the Board.