INA is a volunteer, not for profit educational association that is committed to providing information, education and guidance to the public and to industry professionals. We look to people like you, who are interested in the professionalism of the in-home child care industry, to partner with us and support our efforts.

Membership is open to:

  • Nannies and all other in-home child care providers
  • Newborn Care Specialists
  • Nanny Employers
  • Nanny Placement Agencies and Staff
  • Industry Educators
  • Industry Service Providers
  • Individuals who support the in-home child care industry

**Please Note:

  • Individuals, organizations, agencies and other businesses can become MEMBERS of our association. However, membership in the INA does NOT certify, approve, accept, sanction, credential, accredit, endorse, license, or authorized you in any way.
  • INA membership will in no way help individuals obtain a visa to the US or any other country nor will it help companies gain a visa or immigration for their nannies to another country.
  • Organizations and agencies are prohibited from awarding certificates to any individual who has completed the INA Nanny Basic Skills Assessment or INA Nanny Credential Exam. Completing either exam does NOT provide any individual with an automatic membership to INA.
  • Anyone found to be participating in any of the actions above, whether through verbal conversation, through advertising, or any other way will be removed from the INA membership. INA indemnifies itself from any legal proceedings based on a member’s wrongdoing.

Join INA: Membership Benefits

If you are involved in the in-home child care industry, consider joining INA today. We need your help to continue making a difference. As an INA member, you’ll have access to valuable industry information and tools you can use immediately to enhance your business and professional development. Here are reasons to join INA today:

  • You Can Help to Impact the In-home Child Care Industry. We believe there is strength in numbers and that together, we can make a difference. As an INA member, you’re partnering with us to professionalize our industry, to promote quality in-home child care, to increase awareness about the nanny profession, and to educate parents about the benefits of hiring a qualified nanny to care for their children.
  • Inside Track to Professional Networking Opportunities. Network with industry professionals from all over the world to develop valuable relationships.
  • Team up with INA Members. As an INA member, you have the opportunity to join or head a committee, become a mentor, influence programs and processes or serve on the board of directors.
  • Access to INA Publications, Forms and Tools at a discounted rate. INA offers a wide range of informative publications, employment forms, handouts and tools developed by industry experts—you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. INA publications include: Steps for a Successful Start (for start-up industry businesses), Family/Nanny Agreement, INA’s Nanny Basic Skills Exam and more.
  • Annual Conference—Reduced Registration Fees. Our Annual Conference offers networking opportunities and educational workshops for business owners and nannies. Receive conference registration discounts (includes discounts for staff members). Take advantage of conference sponsorship opportunities (your logo/link will appear on the conference web page) and program advertising opportunities. The annual conference is held in a different city each year and is typically scheduled in late Spring.
  • Members Only Access. Gain full access to our Online Community designed exclusively for INA Members. Educators, nannies, nanny employers and business owners have unrestricted access to a world of online resources. Business owners can access insider tips, business-building solutions, sample documents, co-branded INA publications for electronic or print distribution, educational information and more. Nannies have access to professional and personal development and more.
  • INA Online Membership Directory. Our online Member Directory features the name and contact information for INA Standard, Supporting, and Premium Members and is ideal for networking and locating industry professionals. Individual Members have the option of having their name, city and state listed.
  • Discounts on eStore Purchases.  Members receive a 20% discount on eStore purchases.
  • Legislative Awareness of Child Care Issues at State and Federal Levels. INA’s Governmental Affairs committee has a grassroots effort in the legislative arena that monitors legislation and activities related to our industry—both at the state and federal level. Stay informed!
  • INA-Membership Designation/Verification. Help professionalize the industry by letting the world know you abide by INA’s Commitment to Professional Excellence and Recommended Practices. INA Members receive a high resolution INA Member logo that can be posted on their web site and printed on their advertising literature. Nannies can feature the INA member designation in their portfolio or on their resume.
  • Nanny of the Year™ Award. An opportunity to recognize the positive impact an INA nanny member has made in the lives of the children in her or his care. Only INA members can be considered for this honor. The Nanny of the Year™ (NOTY™) is selected annually and is announced during the annual conference. A special luncheon is held in the NOTY™’s honor. Companies have the opportunity to sponsor the luncheon and gain added exposure.
  • Nanny Credential Exam—Member Discount. A multiple choice exam developed by INA, in consultation with child care educators to test a nanny’s practical knowledge of child care.
  • INA Nanny Mentor Program. This members-only program fosters nanny development and career enhancements by pairing seasoned INA member nannies with nannies who are new to INA or the industry.
  • All Standard and Supporting Members receive email alerts when their contact information is given out by the Membership Services Office (MSO). Individuals who call or email the office inquiring about a particular service will be given contact information for the INA Member who can best help them. They will also have the option of having their contact information forwarded to those members to whom they were referred.