International Nanny Association Anti-Trust Policy

Anti-trust laws apply to trade associations as well as to businesses. The International Nanny Association is a not-for-profit education association, but since a large portion of our members are owners or officers of for-profit companies such as Nanny Referral Agencies and a variety of other business endeavors that support our industry, it is important that we address the following concerns as a safeguard against violation of the state and federal statutes.

Members of the International Nanny Association’s Board of Directors and our association Associate and full members are to refrain from discussing at this and all meetings the financial aspects of their business pertaining to disclosure of prices, profits, commissions, discounts, purchase agreements, contracts, costs of services or materials, or any other matter which could be construed as causing injury to a competitor or of unreasonably restraining trade.

The Ten Don’ts of Anti-Trust

  1. Don’t discuss prices with competitors. INA will not knowingly allow any discussion of pricing at an Association meeting where competitors are present.
  2. Don’t divide customers, markets or territories with competitors.
  3. No person or company shall be unreasonably excluded from INA membership or participation where such exclusion may impair such person or company’s ability to compete effectively in the industry. This includes vendors and advertisers.
  4. Don’t agree upon or attempt to control a client’s price. Standardization is to deprive customers of legitimate choices and is seen as a discriminatory action against competitors and is referred to as price fixing.
  5. Don’t attempt to restrict a client’s activity. Exclusive contracts inhibit a customer’s legitimate choices.
  6. Don’t offer a client prices or terms more favorable than those offered to other or competing clients.
  7. Don’t require a client to buy service or products only from you.
  8. Don’t use one product as bait to sell another.
  9. Don’t disparage a competitor’s product or service unless the statements have been verified as factual.
  10. Don’t make sales or services conditional on reciprocal sales or service.

During informal or social discussion at the site of an INA meeting, which may be beyond the control of its officers and chair-people, all representatives (members) of the Association are expected to observe the same standards of personal conduct required of the Association in its compliance with anti-trust guidelines.

In order to ensure compliance with anti-trust laws, the officers, directors and staff of INA will make every possible effort to properly supervise INA sanctioned meetings.