INA Membership Categories

INA membership is open to those who are involved with the in-home child care industry including nannies, nanny employers, nanny placement agency owners (and staff), nanny educators and providers of special services related to the nanny industry. INA offers four types of membership categories, with different dues and benefits. Review the membership categories below to determine which category is right for you. 

  • **Please Note:
    Individuals, organizations, agencies and other businesses can become MEMBERS of our association. However, membership in the INA does NOT certify, approve, accept, sanction, credential, accredit, endorse, license, or authorized you in any way.
  • INA membership will in no way help individuals obtain a visa to the US or any other country nor will it help companies gain a visa or immigration for their nannies to another country.
  • Organizations and agencies are prohibited from awarding certificates to any individual who has completed the INA Nanny Basic Skills Assessment or INA Nanny Credential Exam. Completing either exam does NOT provide any individual with an automatic membership to INA.
  • Anyone found to be participating in any of the actions above, whether through verbal conversation, through advertising, or any other way will be removed from the INA membership. INA indemnifies itself from any legal proceedings based on a member’s wrongdoing.

Understanding Membership Levels

Associate: All new members must complete one-year as an Associate Member. During this year, they will receive a unique Associate Member Logo and benefits like discounts in the INA eStore and discounted registration to our Annual Conference. Associate members also have access to our INA Member Portal and all the publications, educational videos and content therein.

Full Membership: In order to upgrade to a Full membership, you must:

  1. Complete one full year as an Associate Member
  2. Watch the New Member Video found in your INA Member Portal
  3. Sign the INA Code of Conduct for your appropriate membership category
  4. Renew your INA membership on time.

Once Full Membership is attained, the member will receive the Full Membership Logo as well as be eligible for the Nanny of the Year, Service Award Pin Program, Board of Directors, Conference Endowment and spotlight blog posts. Full members will need to be sure to keep up with renewing membership every year or be required to return as Associate Members again. All previous INA members having lapsed membership of more than three (3) months will need to go through the Associate Membership program again.


Membership Categories and Dues: Determining Which Membership Category is Right for You

  • Individual Membership: Dues $45 per year. Ideal for nannies and specialty nannies and other types of child-carers in the child’s home (such as newborn care specialists, traveling nannies, etc). Please note that placement agencies, au pair programs, cultural exchange programs and training programs are not permitted to join at the Individual Membership level.
  • Independent Supporter Membership: Dues $125 per year. Ideal for individuals who support the mission of INA, such as nanny employers and support staff employed by Standard, Supporting and Premium members. Please note that nannies, placement agencies owners, au pair programs, cultural exchange programs and training programs are not permitted to join at the Independent Supporter level.
  • Standard Membership: Dues $295 per year. Ideal for placement agency owners, training programs and nanny support groups.
  • Supporting Membership: Dues $395 per year. Ideal for industry service companies, au pair agencies, cultural exchange programs and web-based nanny recruiting sites.
  • Premium Membership: Dues $995 per year. Ideal for industry service companies and web-based nanny recruiting sites with one parent company, but the need to list several urls.

At-a-Glance: Membership Categories and Partial List of Benefits

Review this chart to determine which benefits you are entitled to under INA’s various membership levels. The chart below lists partial benefits. To view the complete list of member benefits, click here.

Membership Categories and Dues


(Associate or Full)

Independent Supporter

(Associate or Full)


(Associate or Full)


(Associate or Full)


(Associate or Full)

Nanny or Specialty Nanny


Individuals who support the mission of INA, Such as Nanny Employers Placement Agency, Training Program, Nanny Support Group Industry Service Co., Electronic Nanny Recruiter, Au Pair Agencies Placement Agencies, Training Programs, Electronic Recruiter
Annual Dues $45 $125 $295 $395  $995
Use of INA Member Logo Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Access to Members Only section of Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Reduced Conference Fees 1 1 2 3 4
Voting Privilege 1 No 1 1 1
Listing in Categories of
Online Directory
Opt-in No One Category Up to Two Categories Up to Three Categories
Number of urls Allowed to be Listed in Online Directory 0 0 1 2 10
20% Discount on eStore Purchases Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


INA Members: Commitment of Professional Excellence Standards

INA members agree to adhere to INA’s Commitment of Professional Excellence. Click here to view INA’s Commitment to Professional Excellence.