INA Member Facebook Group

The INA Membership Facebook Group is a highly professional social media forum where only INA Members, of all levels, can interact. There are a lot of social media groups within our industry but because only INA Members can be in this group, it will hold strictly to the INA Commitment to Professional Excellence and our Recommended Practices.

Being a part of this group adds value to your INA membership. We will be hosting educational live events, group discussions, and other exclusive communication through this group. You can be the first to hear about INA updates and events. Content from our Weekly Brief or blog will be shared and other membership communication will happen here.

This group will open on Monday, November 14th and can be accessed through your INA Membership Portal. To join sign-in to your INA Member Portal, find the note labeled “INA Facebook Group” then click on the link. Once you find the group, you can request to join. It will ask you to fill out the short questionnaire. Once done, our FB Group Admins will confirm your INA membership and approve you to join. This can take up to 48 business hours.  Then you can start chatting with like-minded professionals in our association.

INA Member Facebook Group Guidelines:


  • Commit to Professional Excellence, as defined by the INA:
    • Respect the contributions of individuals and organizations involved in professional in-home child care.
    • Maintain high standards of professional conduct.
    • Respect and support families in their task of nurturing children.
    • Promote the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of children.
    • Support the lifelong process of personal growth and professional development.
  • Follow the INA Recommended Practices for your role in the industry
  • Be kind. There is no substitute for pausing before responding, especially of the post elicits a visceral response from the reader.
  • Support your fellow industry member when they are having a hard time by using uplifting, positive language focusing on possible solutions.
  • Ask for the specific type of support you need.


  • Argue. Respectful debate is wonderful. Arguments and heavily-worded conflict will not be considered professional in this group.
  • Post photos of your nanny families’ home or property, if they are meant to shame, embarrass, or complain needlessly. Photos of Nanny Family members (including children) can be posted only with the explicit permission of the Nanny Family (INA member responsible for their own actions and posts).
  • Take screenshots of the FB page.
  • Bring conversations from this FB group to other groups or forums. The Administrators of the FB group and INA Board of Directors may delete posts, threads, comments, and pictures at any time without notification of the original party.
  • Privately contact members selling your products or services.