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2017 INA Nanny of the Year Nominee – Candi Vajana

March 3, 2017
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This week the INA is introducing you to our five outstanding nominees for INA Nanny of the Year.  Join us Monday, May 1, 2017 when we’ll announce our candi-vajana-photo
2017 INA Nanny of the Year recipient, who will receive her honor at the upcoming INA Conference, on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Our fifth and final nominee is Candida Vajana (Candi) from Palo Alto, California. Candi has been a nanny for over 20 years. One of her goals is to elevate the Nanny Profession by showing examples of quality care and by being a role model to empower other nannies. She enjoys being able to instill the basic but important skills of compassion, empathy and knowing that in order to be happy one needs to be able to help others. In her current position she works with one child and travels extensively. Candi enjoys working with families from different cultures around the world and finds that everyone has something to teach you. She believes that nannies have a very important role to play in society, shaping the minds and souls of the leaders of the future.

Candi was nominated by several individuals: Elizabeth Gengembre, Jenny Greenwood, Tonya Sakowicz, and Annie Duguid. As well as Grainne O’Reilly who said “Candi is one of the most outstanding child care workers/educators that I have ever known or  employed.I have lost count of the families who consider her to be the BEST thing that ever happened to them and their children, both here and overseas.”