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INA Basic Skills Assessment vs INA Nanny Credential Exam

December 4, 2017
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The INA has spent many years developing and refining two tests that help gauge a caregiver’s knowledge, understanding, and awareness of child care. Members of the International Nanny Association are able to take advantage of both of these tests at a 20% discount.  

The Basic Skills Assessment (BSA) is a 40 question, multiple choice, online quiz. Assessment takers have 30 minutes to complete all the questions. Many agencies use this as part of their evaluation of potential childcare candidates. Businesses who want make this part of their assessment process can purchase an annual subscription of 150, 300 or 600 assessments and receive 20% off the price. Individual assessments can be purchased on the Estore as well and members will still receive that 20% discount. If you take this individually and pass you will receive a Certificate from the INA.

Nannies who want to demonstrate their extensive knowledge in child care can choose to take the Nanny Credential Exam (NCE). Agencies who want help determining which caregivers are phenomenal can arrange for their candidates to take the NCE. It was developed to evaluate the nannies practical knowledge of child care so that parents who employ them can have the peace of mind that their nanny knows safe and healthy ways to care for children.

The exam is 100 multiple choice questions with one essay question. To take it individuals need to secure a proctor who has taken an oath of ethics and does not stand to gain from the exam taker passing the exam. For this reason, many nannies choose to either take the NCE at the Annual Conference or gather a group of nannies together to take the exam together at a set location.

Individuals who take the NCE in a group (5+) or who are INA Members will get the exam for 20% off. Exam takers are encouraged to look through the NCE Exam Prep Slideshow to read up on the topics that they will need to know to pass the test.

Test takers that pass the NCE are considered INA Credentialed Nannies and will have the right to use the NCE logo. This small graphic can make a huge impact on a resume, business card or website. Those who pass will also be listed on the INA website.

Become a member today and start taking advantage of these assessment tools today. Don’t forget that you can now register for our 2018 Annual Conference

Take a look at our website and let us know if you have any questions about either one of these valuable resources.