INA Weekly Brief

INA Member Advantage Program Provides Exclusive Discounts

December 6, 2017
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The last several days you have gotten an idea of the benefits that can help you stand out with your INA Membership. We have also shared with you how you can get 20% off anything in our Estore. But what if we told you there was a way to get a discount on select other services in the industry? 

We recommend you take a look at our Member Advantage Providers. These are companies who support the INA and its mission by offering discounts on their company’s services. The list of Members Advantage Providers is growing and to take advantage of them, just log into your INA Member Portal, click on Member Benefits, then click on Search Member Benefits Database. A listing of companies offering discounts to INA Members can be found there.

If you have a business and would like to support INA members by offering a discount on your products or services, contact the INA office today.

Want to start getting these discounts and offers today? Become a member and you can. Don’t forget that you can now register for our 2018 Annual Conference