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Nanny of the Year Portfolio – Breaking it Down Week by Week. Week 5

October 5, 2017
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Just a few more weeks as we continue to help you simplify the NOTY Portfolio process. This week we will focus on your work history – Section 6, which for many, is the longest part of the application and may take you more than the week to complete. Next week will be a light week so that you are able to complete this task.

Section 6 – Work History. We often say that the Work History for the NOTY Portfolio is like a resume on steroids. We ask you to give much more information on each family you have worked with than we would ever recommend you give on a resume. This information helps the NOTY Selection Committee to better understand who you are as a professional nanny.

Review page 8 on the Nanny of the Year Guidelines. You will need to provide information on each family you have worked for. We ask that you tell us:

  • The family’s name
  • Time span you worked for them
  • Basic hours worked
  • Highlights of duties and responsibilities
  • What was unique or challenging about this position
  • Reason for leaving the family

We suggest that you type this all in a document outside of the NOTY digital form so that you can look for edits that need to be made later. Your answers will be transferred later to the online form. Be sure to share enough that the Selection Committee can get a good idea of your role in that job but not too much to betray confidentiality. You can explain what your duties were in each position and how it changed over the time you were there. Include what made each job unique or challenging and share why you are no longer there (unless you still are). Talk about your relationship with the children and your employers. Please note that there is no limit on how many past employers you can list.

If you have any questions please contact INA Membership Services Office by phone at 888.878.1477 or by email at Please include “NOTY Question” in the subject line of your email.

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