INA Nanny Mentor Program

So You Want To Be Involved with Mentoring?
Being a Nanny is a unique role. Only another nanny can truly understand the dynamics that are involved in working as today’s professional nanny. If you are new to the profession or to INA, you are encouraged to participate in nanny mentoring. Seasoned, INA veteran nannies are here to provide you with knowledge and experiences that will lead you on the path to being the best nanny you can be!  If you are a seasoned, experienced nanny, we want you to be part of helping a nanny be all they can be.

What is Nanny Mentoring?
The sharing of experience and the impartation of knowledge, resources, interpersonal support and guidance and through a relationship between a seasoned INA nanny and a nanny that is new to the profession or to INA.

What is the purpose of the INA mentor program?
The INA Nanny Mentor Program was designed to foster nanny development and career enhancement through a formal, structured program that pairs nannies that are new to the profession or to INA with seasoned, veteran INA nanny members.

What Will I Get Out of it?
Mentoring participants will receive the opportunity to enhance their professional development, skills, careers, and to leave the program with a sense of confidence and empowerment about being a nanny. Those serving as mentors will receive the immeasurable benefit or contributing positively to shaping the future of a fellow nanny.

How does it work?
Once the applications are received and approved, mentoring participants will then be matched with a mentor. Upon selection, mentoring participants will receive confirmation and the information needed to get started. Mentors and mentoring participants then team up to outline their personal goals for the program (in writing or informally) and to set their meeting schedule. Meetings should be scheduled to meet the needs of both the mentor and mentoring participants, for the duration of the mentoring relationship.  It is of course understood that life sometimes prevents meetings, so communication between the mentor and mentoring participant is important.

What is the role of the participants?
Both parties must agree to carry out the respective roles and responsibilities as described below. Although we encourage a one year commitment to the program, we acknowledge that shorter length participation can be beneficial as well.  The duration of the mentorship is up to all parties and should be set during their initial contact.

Mentors are expected to:

  • An INA member.
  • Provide counsel and advice regarding work related or other concerns, which mentoring participants perceive as enhancing or impeding their job performance and career development.
  • Impart knowledge that will assist protégés achieve comprehension of organization structure, culture, and values concerning professional demeanor and ethical standards for nannies.
  • Provide objective and positive suggestions on how protégés may improve their proficiency and productivity on the job.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the mentoring relationship, and recommend appropriate changes.
  • Share their area of expertise within the nanny field through assisting other mentors and answering questions that may come in through the mentor e-mail if they are considered an expert in this area.

Mentoring participants are expected to:

  • Clarify their expectations for mentoring program and mentoring relationship.
  • Assesses career enhancement needs.
  • Set clear realistic and challenging personal development and career goals.

So I want to get involved, now what?
Mentor selection is based on the applicant’s knowledge base, commitment to the industry, and character. In selecting mentors, each applicant is considered for approval based the following factors:

Is the applicant:

  • Willing to be a mentor or volunteer?
  • Willing to assist other mentors with questions that may arise with their protégés?
  • Willing to share their area of expertise through the questions that come in to the mentor program from around the world?
  • Knowledgeable of the industry?
  • In possession of good coaching skills?
  • An effective communicator?
  • A positive role model?
  • A full-time nanny, traveling/temporary nanny or infant specialist with a min. of 5 years experience?
  • An INA member (2 year minimum)?

To apply to be a mentor, please submit the following to the INA Membership Services Office:

  1. A resume, including a detailed work history and a cover letter, indicating why they wish to be a mentor and how they can positively contribute to the program.
  2. A minimum of two written character references.
  3. An outline that clearly describes what the applicant considers to be their area of expertise within the field.

All Mentors are encouraged, but are NOT required to:

  • Have passed the INA Nanny Credential Exam.
  • Have a degree in early childhood education.
  • Have served on the Board of Directors or as a Committee Chair.
  • Be a past or present INA Nanny of the Year™.

To apply to be a mentoring participant:
To apply to be a mentoring participant, please download the application form and submit your completed application to the Membership Services Office so that you may be matched with a mentor. In doing so you’ll be on the path to becoming the best nanny you can be!

Download the INA Nanny Mentor Program Brochure.

Download the INA Nanny Mentor Program Participant Application.