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Introducing the INA Members Facebook Group

Introducing the INA Members Facebook Group. This INA Member-only group is a highly professional social media forum where only INA Members, of all levels, can interact. We will have  educational live events, group discussions, and other interactive communication. To join sign-in to your INA Member Portal, find the note labeled “INA Facebook Group” then click… Read more »

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Family Secrets: The Professional Nanny’s Responsibility to Family Privacy

Recently there has been an article circulating on industry social media (INA included) that shares personal and private information from nannies about the families that employ them. As the industry leader, the INA works to continue to educate both industry professionals and those outside the industry regarding the recommended practices for nannies. We thought this… Read more »

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Nanny Agencies – Are you Compliant with “Ban the Box” Laws?

Thorough background screening of nanny and newborn care specialist applicants is a major market differentiator between world-class nanny agencies and online job listing sites. You do all you can to make sure you present only the best applicants to your families for hiring consideration. Agency applications and background screening practices all are subject to various… Read more »

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The Importance of Moral Leadership in the Nanny Industry

It would be nice if what I’m about to write didn’t need to be written. Surely, one would think, no one who chooses to work in an area like in-home child care needs to be lectured about ethics. Surely being ethical and having integrity just go with the job? Unfortunately not. I previously shared stories about some… Read more »

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