Tools for Nanny Agencies

INA offers many useful tools that nanny placement agencies can use to enhance their businesses.

These include:

  • INA Nanny Agency Marketing Tool-Kit is a fantastic primer on today’s modern nanny agency marketing opportunities, best practices and how-to tips.
  • The INA Nanny Basic Skills Assessment is a tool that can be used by placement agencies to assess a nanny candidate’s basic child care knowledge. INA agencies find that including the Nanny Basic Skills Assessment in their agency’s standardized screening process is a market differentiator, and an opportunity to amplify their value proposition to families. The INA Nanny Basic Skills Assessment is a 40 question timed, multiple-choice exam that is available to be taken online. The assessment addresses health, safety, nutrition, professionalism and child development. INA Member Placement Agencies may purchase individual assessments at a reduced rate or a one year license that provides them with up to 150 assessments.
  • The INA Nanny Credential Exam The exam was authored by leading child care experts and sets a tangible bar for nannies to prove themselves as top quality professionals. The INA Nanny Credential Exam is a 100 question multiple-choice + one essay, timed exam that is available to be taken online. The exam is designed to test a nanny’s practical knowledge of child care.
  • A Nanny for Your Family was developed to help prepare parents for employing a nanny. A Nanny for Your Family explains the benefits of in-home child care, explores the role and responsibility of a nanny and employer including financial and legal obligations.
  • INA Nanny Family Handbook is a great INA-produced publication that articulates basic standards of the in-home childcare industry, and for the relationship between the nanny and the family.
  • INA Nanny Agency Exit Strategies Tool-kit leverages the expertise of industry professionals from around the world to help nanny agency owners plan their exit strategies and gain the highest return on their initial investment.