INA Nanny Credential Exam

The INA Nanny Credential Exam has 100 multiple choice questions and 1 open response essay question with multiple parts. The exam is a timed exam that is available to be taken online. The exam is designed to test a nanny’s practical knowledge of child care. A proctor must be secured by the exam candidate to administer the exam prior to testing. The exam addresses:

  • Child Development
  • Family/Provider Communication
  • Child Guidance
  • Multicultural/Diversity Awareness
  • Learning Environment
  • Personal Qualities of a Nanny
  • Safety
  • Management Skills Health
  • Nutrition
  • Professionalism

Because the exam is challenging, it is strongly recommended that anyone sitting for the exam have a minimum of 2000 hours of (the equivalent of 1 year, full-time) professional in-home child care experience. Those sitting for the exam must have a current certification in Infant/Child CPR and First Aid and photo identification. There is a charge for taking the exam, with a discount offered to INA members.

A nanny will see her/his exam score for the multiple choice section as soon as the exam is submitted. The essay question will be graded manually. Complete information about the nanny’s exam results will be sent to INA automatically. Nannies will be sent a letter with the final score of the exam. All nannies who pass the exam (score 70% or better) will receive a certificate in the mail. Once a nanny passes the exam, she/he will be considered an INA Credentialed Nanny and will be identified on the INA member list as such.

If a nanny does not receive a passing grade on the exam, an opportunity to retest will be provided, but no sooner than six months from the date of the first attempt. Candidates must reapply and pay another testing fee. The exam will not be identical to the first one.

The INA’s nanny credential exam was completely updated in 2015 to reflect the current body of knowledge surrounding early childhood development and best practices. The International Nanny Association has created the INA Exam Prep Slideshow with study resources and tips. In it, you will find links to many websites which will aid you in studying the knowledge areas assessed in the Exam.

Previously, the  International Nanny Association has published Beyond Parenting Basics: The International Nanny Association’s Guide to In-Home Child Care to work as a study guide for the nanny credential exam.  However, as this book is several years old, some of the information it contains is outdated.  If you choose to read this book in order to study, please note that when inconsistency is found, you should follow the resources in the INA Exam Prep Slideshow.  INA no longer offers the book through our estore, however, we are aware that it is available through other online retailers.  INA does not recommend you purchase this book through any venue for the purpose of study material, and use the suggested INA Exam Prep Slideshow as the study resource.

There is a charge for taking the exam, with a discount offered to INA members.

View a list of INA Credentialed nannies


Please be aware of the following steps to be completed prior to sitting for the exam:

1. Complete an exam application, providing the requested documentation and Proctor information.

2. Submit the completed application to the INA Office. 

3. Processing times for all applications:

  • 2-3 weeks

4. When choosing an exam date, a nanny should keep in mind the above processing times, and choose 2-3 alternate dates.

5. Upon receipt of a nanny’s completed application, the INA Office will contact the nanny’s selected Proctor and confirm their participation.

NOTE: A nanny’s  Proctor must be someone who cannot benefit from a nanny completing the exam, and they must have taken an oath of ethics, i.e. lawyer, librarian, clergy, teacher, etc. And it cannot be anyone from a nanny placement agency or a nanny’s spouse.

6. Twenty-four hours prior to the exam date, the INA Office will send the exam link via email to the nanny’s Proctor  who will administer the test. Once the link has been accessed, time will begin and it cannot be accessed again. The exam must be completed in one sitting.

**Please Note: Individuals can become MEMBERS of our association as a caregiver or through a company. However, membership in the INA does NOT certify, credential or accredit them in any way through INA. The INA does not have a certification for agencies. INA indemnifies itself from any legal proceedings based on a member’s wrong doing. Organizations and agencies are prohibited from awarding certificates to any individual who has completed the INA Nanny Basic Skills Assessment or INA Nanny Credential Exam. Completing either test does NOT provide any individual with automatic membership to INA. Membership in the INA or passing either text will in no way help individuals obtain a visa to the USA or any other country – saying so is false and anyone doing so will be removed from the INA membership.