INA for Nannies

The International Nanny Association (INA) provides a wealth of information, networking opportunities and professional and personal growth for nannies everywhere. Whether you are a first time nanny or an experienced “veteran” in the industry, INA offers something for everyone.

INA Nanny of the Year™

Meet our outstanding nannies who have previously received this prestigious honor. Find someone excited about nominating you or nominate someone you know who is truly deserving! INA is accepting nomination applications for the next Nanny of the Year™ (NOTY™).


If you are considering becoming a nanny or are already working as a nanny, you will want to read Recommended Practices for Nannies to learn the basics about the in-home child care industry and our book, Beyond Parenting Basics: The International Nanny Association’s Official Guide to In-Home Child Care.

INA also publishes the INA Nanny Employer Handbook which many nannies find helpful when searching for work. This handbook provides no-nonsense information regarding nanny screening, payroll and tax issues, work agreements, and more. Whether you use this for self-education, or provide to families you are interviewing with, this handbook is invaluable.


The INA encourages all nannies and future nannies to join our association. Our mission is to promote quality in-home child care. You can help yourself and your industry by supporting the INA.

Jobs, Health Insurance, Nanny Payroll and More

Looking for an agency or industry service that adheres to the INA commitment to professional excellence? Our website offers a comprehensive business member directory that will point you to the special services that supplement our industry.

INA Nanny Basic Skills Assessment

The INA Nanny Basic Skills Assessment was developed to assess a nanny’s basic child care knowledge. The INA Nanny Basic Skills Assessment is a 40 question timed, multiple-choice exam that is available to be taken online. The exam addresses health, safety, nutrition, professionalism and child development.

INA Nanny Credential Exam

The INA Nanny Credential Exam was authored by leading child care experts and sets a tangible bar for nannies to prove themselves as top level professionals. This accreditation sets the standard that all in-home child care providers seek to attain. Please contact us for further information.

Nanny Mentors

Looking for support? INA members can easily request a member mentor match! Download our Nanny Mentor Program brochure, request a mentor and dialog with a veteran nanny.

Nanny Support Groups

Don’t miss out on our listing of Nanny Support Groups. If we missed a group, please email the information to us.

Governmental Affairs

Want to see what’s happening in your state regarding legislature and the in-home child care industry? The Governmental Affairs page will give you the latest information as well as tell you how to contact your area representatives.

Committee Work

Through the commitment of hundreds of volunteers working toward a common goal, the INA is the original umbrella organization for the in-home child care industry. Take advantage of what we’ve done and what we are doing. Please join us – we’d welcome your contributions.