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Introducing INA Member Only Educational Calendar 2018

The INA’s mission is to serve as the umbrella association for the in-home child care industry by providing information, education, and guidance to the public and to industry professionals. We want our members to have access to education 12 months a year and now that we have a Member Only Facebook group, we have the… Read more »

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How to Sell Yourself with a Resume full of Short-Term Positions

No matter what industry you are in, job searching is hard to do. Between researching job duties, meeting minimum requirements, and updating your resume, it seems like getting a job- can be its own full-time job! So when your job history read a little more like “for the time being” than “for the long term”,… Read more »

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A Letter To The Family That Gets My Nanny….

Our nanny of over two years is moving away and can no longer work for us. She has chosen now to work for you. I have bittersweet emotions over your good fortune and our loss. You see when we hired Jill we thought she would do a good job. She had good experience, great references,… Read more »

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Preparing for Nanny Transitions

No matter how long you have been a nanny, how many children you have cared for, how much education or experience you have or what your level of expertise is, in our profession, there is one undeniable truth that none of us can avoid. Nanny jobs end. Children grow up, parents’ needs change, and no… Read more »

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