Collective Connections

Collective Connections is a series of online workshops that are designed to be used in small groups in the nanny industry. Each workshop comes in a kit that will include a video and guide.

Gather a few people and watch the video as a group.

The Group Coordinator will follow the leaders guide to discuss the topics presented in the video making the event unique and personalized to those in the group.

Current Collective Connections Workshops (more coming)

INA Collective Connections Grief and the Nanny

       Here is how it works:

    • Any INA Member can check out the workshop through THIS FORM.
    • You will be given access within 72 business hours and will have access to it for 60 days. After 60 days, access will expire but you can recheck it out at any time.
    • During that time you can use it in any small group in the industry you would like. Those in the group do NOT need to be INA members, just one of the group coordinators needs to be an INA Member.
    • You will not be able to download the video so when you plan your event, make sure you have WIFI so you can stream it directly from our account.
      Feel free to print the Leaders Guide if you prefer that format or just use it right on our account.