Discounts for Members

Did you know that in addition to discounts on products like exams, assessments, publications and conferences, INA Members can also receive special offers from other companies that value what the INA stands for?

Check out a list of our current Member Advantage Providers.

New providers are being added all the time so check the Member Portal for the most up-to-date list and details.

Member Advantage Providers include:

Alpha Earl Apps & Games
15% off discount on educational games

15% off discount on any subscription

$70 OFF registration price

Daddy’s Little Dress Shirts
Discount on adult shirts turned into a new creation

Generation Mindful
10% off Mindfulness Tools and Toys

Live Plan
45% discount on business planning

Luvable Characters
15% off plush play toy and companion blankets

Luggage Free
10% off Global Luggage Delivery

Nanny Magazine
10% Off Digital Nanny Magazine

Nanny Stella Training
10% off the CACHE Endorsed Foundation Practice for Nannies

Nanny Tee’s
20% off all merchandise when you spend at least $25 

Newborn Care Solutions
$75 discount our Foundational program

Newborn Care Training Academy
20% Car Seat Enrichment Class

Our Nanny Diary
15% discount 

20% off Positive Discipline for Nannies Online Certification 

UK Nanny Ltd.
20% off all events

Your Nanny Resume
15% off a service of your choice