Summary of Benefits

Review this chart to determine which benefits you are entitled to under INA’s membership categories.

Click on the title to learn more about that benefit. To view the complete list of member benefits, click here.

Annual Dues

INA Membership is paid annually on the anniversary of when you became a member. Dues must be paid in US Dollars and through the INA membership system. We accept Master Card, Visa, and American Express through the system. If you want to pay via check, you must reach out to the INA office to arrange that.

Logo Personal Use

You may use the INA logo to promote yourself as a professional in the industry who abides by INA’s Commitment to Professional Excellence and Recommended Practices. The logo can be put on business cards, resume’s, portfolios bios on websites. Caregiver members are not able to use the INA Member Logo to promote their business. It may not be used on a companies’ main page, only in an “about me” section.

Logo Business Use

You may use the INA logo to promote yourself as a professional in the industry who abides by INA’s Commitment to Professional Excellence and Recommended Practices. You may use the INA logo to promote your industry business in print and digitally. It can be used on your companies main website page and on the companies social media.

FREE Webinars

Members receive free registration to our Professional Webinars. A $25 value.

Save on Conference

Reduced registration to our annual conference Since 1985 when nanny agency owners, nannies and nanny educators from the United States, England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand gathered at Scripps College in Claremont, California, for the first INA conference, INA has continued its tradition of educational excellence. INA Conferences offer educational tracks for the professional nanny, newborn care specialists and nanny agency owners and staff. Education focuses on skills, practice and theory. It attracts attendees from across the United States and from around the world.

Our Annual Conference also offers networking opportunities and educational workshops for nannies and businesses. INA Members receive conference registration discounts (includes discounts for staff members). Take advantage of conference sponsorship opportunities (your logo/link will appear on the conference web page) and program advertising opportunities. The annual conference is held in a different city each year and is typically scheduled in Spring.

We encourage you to take a peek back at some of our previous Annual Conferences and to join us for our next one.

Listing in Directory

The INA has a public Member Directory where anyone visiting our website can find members. Support Groups, Educators, Placement Agencies, Industry Services, Online Recruiting Platforms, and Premium Members automatically are listed in our directory. Childcare Professionals, Newborn Care Specialists, Nanny Employers, and Business Staff can opt into this Directory once they become members

FREE Exams

The Basic Skills Assessment shows the world you have the knowledge needed to care for children. The Credential Exam raises the bar by making you an INA Credentialed Nanny or NCS and giving you use of the Credential Logo. 

These tests are now updated annually and INA Members can take them for FREE each year. Members can stay up-to-date on their credentials. All INA Members can take each test once a year for free. Business Members can have a FREE 100 Assessment subscription to the NCS and Nanny Basic Skills Assessment. 

The INA Basic Skills Assessments are each 40 questions, timed, and multiple-choice. It is taken online. The assessment addresses health, safety, nutrition, professionalism, and child development. 

The INA Nanny and NCS Credential Exam set the standard that all in-home child care providers seek to attain. The Credential Exams are timed exams with 100 multiple choice questions. There are online study guides available. If you pass either test with a 70% or higher you are considered an INA Credentialed Nanny or INA Credentialed NCS and have access to the corresponding Credentialed Logo.

FREE Publications

INA offers a wide range of informative publications, employment forms, handouts and tools developed by industry experts—you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. INA publications include: Steps for a Successful Start – for start-up industry businesses (FREE for INA Members in the eStore) A Nanny for Your Family (Free in your member portal) The Nanny Employer Handbook (Free in your member portal) The INA Nanny Agency Marketing Toolkit (Free in your member portal) The INA Nanny Agency Exit Strategy Guide (Free in your member portal)

Other Discounts

Members receive discounts from our Member Advantage Providers. These are business within and outside of the industry who support INA and want to offer a discount to INA Members.

Eligibility for Honors

INA Members are able to apply or be nominated for our Nanny of the Year, Service Award Pin, Meritorious Service Award and Ambassador Programs.

Nanny of the Year™ program is an opportunity to recognize the positive impact an INA nanny member has made in the lives of the children in her or his care. Only INA members can be considered for this honor. The Nanny of the Year™ (NOTY™) is selected annually and is announced during the annual conference. A special luncheon is held in the NOTY™’s honor. Companies have the opportunity to sponsor the luncheon and gain added exposure. INA’s Nanny of the Year™ (NOTY™) serves as an example of the best kind of nanny and represents a positive role model for our industry and association. The NOTY™ is expected to perform specific duties before, during and after the INA annual conference.

INA Service Pin and Harriette Grant Service Award are meant to recognize those within the in-home child care industry for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to professional excellence. Individuals who have been in the industry for five or more years (working a minimum of 24 hours per week) and are currently an INA member in good standing may apply for the INA Service Award Pin Program. Pins are in increments of 5 years. The Harriette Grant Service Award Pin is presented to nannies and specialty nannies. The INA Service Award Pin is presented to business owners (or their staff) who serve the in-home child care industry.

The International Nanny Association Meritorious Service Award goes to an INA member who has been a strong, sustained supporter of the International Nanny Association and its’ mission. Individuals eligible to receive this award cannot receive remuneration for the activities supporting the INA. The individual is a volunteer whose activities support the INA.

Ambassador Program Team Members (AP Team Members) will work to help grow the INA membership and build relationships near and far! The goal of the AP Team Member is to get out and educate the community, raise awareness of the INA and to be a positive role model in the industry.

Conference Endowment and Grant

The INA Membership Conference Endowment gives away several full conference registrations to INA member that have never been to conference before. The Deborah Davis Conference Grant gives away $250 twoard conference registration to up to 30 INA Members.

Job Board Postings

Newborn Care Specialists and Placement Agencies can take advantage of our Job Board to help find quality caregivers for your families. These jobs are visible to anyone visiting our website and can help you recruit high quality candidates from around the world.

Voting Privilege

All members receive the right to nominate other members to the INA Board of Directors. All INA members have the right to vote in the Board of Directors election and any other elections that the Board of Directors should put to a membership vote.

Mentor Program

This members-only program fosters professional development by pairing seasoned INA member nannies with individuals who are new to INA or the industry. It provides personal guidance and non-legal advice to nannies and newborn care specialists.

Business Support

Business Membership Support is here to help business members get the most out of their INA membership. We provide guidance on job postings, upcoming events, and can provide recommendations and direction to find additional support.

URLs Listed

Support Groups and businesses are able to have one or more listings in the Directory which will link directly to the URL you choose.

Staff Memberships

The INA now offers Bussiness Staff memberships for the staff of business who work within the in-home child care industry. Our Educator, Placement Agency, Industry Services, Online Recruiting Platforms and Premium Memberships will receive a certain number of these membership for free.

Membership Offer

INA Support Group Members are able to offer the members of their group $5 off the Caregiver Membership to the INA as long as the group remains a member in the INA. Once the Support Group becomes a member, INA will issue a promo code that can be used by that group alone.

Childcare Professional

Including but not limited to nannies, babysitters, au pairs, traveling nannies, resort nannies, and other specialty nannies.

Newborn Care Specialist

Specialists that work with families and infants from birth through 6 months of age.

Support Group

Those who lead any type of support group in the nanny industry.

Nanny Employers

Private families that employ nannies, newborn care specialists, or specialty nannies.


Owners of schools or training programs who educate nannies, newborn care specialists, and other in-home childcare professionals.

Industry Service Providers

Owners of service business in the nanny industry included but not limited to payroll, background check, coaching, and any business that supports the nanny industry.

Online Recruiting Platform

Owners of strictly online platforms who connect families to childcare providers.

Business Employee

Staff of any business that supports the nanny industry.


Owners of multiple industry businesses who want up to list up to 10 of their business in the INA Member Directory and be able to place the INA logo on all those company websites.

Placement Agencies

Owners of temp and long-term agencies who place nannies, newborn care specialists, and specialty nannies.