Meritorious Service Award

INA is led by volunteers – on our board, on committees – those you may see and many more behind the scenes.

The health of our association is a tribute to many, many hours of time invested by these volunteers over 3 decades.

In 2014, the INA instituted the Meritorious Service Award. The International Nanny Association Meritorious Service Award goes to an INA member who has been a strong, sustained supporter of the International Nanny Association and its mission. Individuals eligible to receive this award cannot receive remuneration for the activities supporting the INA. The individual is a volunteer whose activities support the INA.

2025 Nominations will open soon. 

If you have questions please contact the INA office at


Kline/Reiman Family Photos

Barbara Kline


guy maddalone

Guy Maddalone


Louise Dunham


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Cate Matijevich


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Kellie Geres


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Judi Merlin


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Susan Tokayer

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Karen Yatsko


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Kathy Webb


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Glenda Propst


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Sandra Costantino

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Wendy Sachs

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Mary O’Connor

Guy Maddalone

Guy is the founder and CEO of GTM Payroll Services, is a 30-year veteran of the payroll, human resource, and employment services industry. He started his career with the placement of home healthcare and senior care services and later founded GTM Payroll Services, the first in the industry to provide payroll and tax administration for families nationwide that employ domestic help in their home. Guy is the author of How to Hire a Nanny: a Household HR Handbook and is recognized as the nation’s household employment expert. Guy believes in sharing his personal and professional successes with the community. He has been a longtime supporter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation and has donated support to several other charitable causes. Guy resides in Clifton Park, NY with his wife Diane and their three children.

Louise Dunham

Louise established Placement Solutions in 1988. Since then she has been supporting the industry in many ways. She is the author of “The State of The Nanny” and created “Just Family Nanny Payroll Services” to provide better options for nanny payroll. Louise has served on the Australian Federal Senate Steering Committee that wrote the In-Home Child Care Standards and is the past Vice President of the Australian Home Childcare Association. In 2016 Louise organized and sponsored the conference “NannyPalooza Oz” run with Sue Downey. In 2018 Louise was the recipient of APNA’s (Association of Premier Nanny Agencies) Agency Excellence and their Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2021 Placement Solutions acquired Rogan Family Care, started INA Chapter Meetings in Australia and received a Federal Grant in order to run educational events.

Louise is extremely knowledgeable with 34 years’ experience in this sector. She is a passionate advocate for the need for In-Home Child Carers to be developed and recognized as childcare professionals and to be legally paid and supported and with a valuable role to play within the greater childcare sector. Louise believes very strongly that it is not enough to just join an organization, but you must work within that organization to bring about improvements and changes within that industry. This is particularly pertinent to an industry that must keep children safe as its main purpose.