About the INA

The International Nanny Association (INA) acts as the umbrella organization of the in-home childcare industry.

As a not-for-profit umbrella organization, we aim to serve nannies, newborn care specialists, employers, agencies, industry service providers, and anyone who has a calling to the nanny industry.

Our roots go all the way back to 1985 and since then have continually worked to adapt and contribute to the advancements, finding new ways to serve the entire industry.

Our desire is to bring together professionals in the industry from around the globe to set high standards, increase awareness, to develop professional skills, and to educate families about the benefits of hiring a qualified nanny or newborn care specialist to care for their children.

Committment to Professional Excelence

In recognition of their responsibilities to children and families, members of the International Nanny Association agree to abide by our Commitment to Professional Excellence:

  1. Respect the contributions of individuals and organizations involved in professional in-home childcare. 

  2. Maintain high standards of professional conduct

  3. Respect and support families in their task of nurturing children. 

  4. Promote the physical, social, intellectual, and social development of children.

  5. Support the life-long process of personal growth and professional development.


That the nanny industry will have the resources needed to provide the highest quality of in-home childcare.


As the umbrella association for the nanny industry, the INA’s mission is to elevate and nurture the quality of childcare throughout the world by:  

  • Establishing standards 
  • Increasing awareness
  • Promoting information
  • Providing support

Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity Committee shall be focused on The International Nanny Association’s commitment to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community where all in our industry feel respected. We want to make sure that no matter what an individual’s background or current situation is, they are seen and appreciated for their contributions to the industry and the profession, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, marital status, education, or any other individual orientation, identity or characteristic.

To learn more about our Diversity Committee and initiatives toward inclusivity HERE.

INA Mission and History

The Story Behind INA

In 1985, Dr. Deborah Davis, then a young mother and educator, founded INA. Her mission was to help legitimize and professionalize the nanny profession. Thanks to her insight and personal sacrifices, in 1985, she brought together nanny agency owners, nannies and nanny educators from the United States, England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for the first INA conference. More than 100 people gathered at Scripps College in Claremont, California, to focus on training and professionalism for in-home caregivers in the United States. Since then, INA has become one of the country’s leading associations to press for professional standards, recognition and working conditions for nannies. The public eventually caught on that a professional nanny is not simply a babysitter or housekeeper—but an educated professional who is trained in child development techniques.

What has INA Accomplished?

The INA has established definitions for various in-home child care positions and developed the Commitment to Professional Excellence that all within the In-home Childcare Industry should strive to adhere to.

We have published and updated recommended practices for not just nannies, nanny employers, and placement agencies but also newborn care specialists, educators, support groups, nanny employers, industry services, online recruitment platforms, and background checks. INA also developed and adapted 4 tests to evaluate child caregiver knowledge: Nanny Basic Skills Assessment, NCS Basic Skills Assessment, Nanny Credential Exam, and NCS Credential Exam. The INA also provides a Member Directory, Job Board and a members-only Facebook Group.

INA has published important tools to assist its nanny agency members to operate in line with the INA’s Recommended Practices and to flourish. Publications include:

Our INA Blog provides ongoing news about the association and informative articles from the INA. INA continues to provide educational programming via an annual conference where nannies, newborn care specialists, agency owners, educators and industry service providers are brought together to attend workshops and personal development sessions. The INA provides monthly webinars, always free to members. INA conducts industry surveys, tracking the news and industry related trends to keep its members and the public informed.

**Please note:

  1. The INA asks that all honor INA’s common law trademarks, logos and awards by not utilizing them outside of the INA unless given expressed written consent. Furthermore, altering any INA logos, certificates, or publications is not allowed.
  2. Individuals, organizations, agencies and other businesses can become MEMBERS of our association. However, membership in the INA does NOT certify, approve, accept, sanction, credential, accredit, endorse, license, or authorize you in any way.
  3. INA membership will in no way help individuals obtain a visa to the US or any other country nor will it help companies gain a visa or immigration for their nannies to another country.
  4. Organizations and agencies are prohibited from awarding certificates to any individual who has completed the INA Nanny or NCS Basic Skills Assessment or INA Nanny or NCS
  5. Credential Exam. Completing either exam does NOT provide any individual with an automatic membership to INA.
  6. Anyone found to be guilty of participating in any illegal activities including those related to the actions above will be removed from the INA membership.
  7. INA indemnifies itself from any legal proceedings based on a member’s wrongdoing.