Committees are formed to accomplish specific goals the INA Board has agreed. These committees direct the vision for that task or goal.

Without committees and committee chairs working out the details and responsibilities of these, the INA would not be able to serve our community and industry. We are so grateful to those on the Board and outside the Board who work on committees.

If you are interested in being on a committee, please reach out to the INA office at

Our committee’s are broken down into larger groups to clarify the purpose they serve. 

  • Conference Committees
  • Development and Progress
  • Growth and Retention Committees
  • Recognition Committees
  • Support Committees

Conference Committees


Responsible for the overall production of the annual member conference to meet revenue, programming, and public relations goals.

Chair: Marcia Hall: INA Executive Director

Site Selection:

Responsible for researching, visiting, negotiating and helping the Board to select the location of the INA Conference.

Chair: Sandy Costantino


Establish a conference budget, expenses, financial reports, and conference closing.

Chair: Stacie Steelman – INA Treasurer


Ensures that a well-balanced, high-quality program for agencies is organized and presented at the conference.

Chairs: Jennifer Hough, Austin Macfarlane, and Rachel Lawrence –  INA Board Members

Conference Experience: 

Group Dinners, Roommates, and Conference Guides – Work with the Conference Coordinator in regards to pre-conference attendee communication, at conference social communication, local entertainment

Chair: TBD


Work with the INA office in order to host the Endowment contest and Grant evaluation.

Chairs: Stacie Steelman – INA Treasurer & Laura Schroeder – INA President


Work with Conference Coordinator in order to collect raffle prizes, select a conference charity and make the raffle a success.

Chair: Helen McCarthy – INA Co-Vice President

Development and Progress

Accreditation Development

The Accreditation Development committee is designed to research options for creating a nanny and newborn care specialist certification that will be accepted by an accredited body.

Chair: Helen McCarthy – INA Co-Vice President

Exam Development: 

Furtherance of the educational mission of the INA, this committee coordinates the continued development and edits to the Basic Skills Assessment and the Credential Exam.

Chair: Laura Schroeder – INA President

Translation Team:

  • Alexis Hopkins: Burmese
  • Alisha Wiles: Japanese
  • Amabelle Duran:  Tagalog/Filipino
  • Ana Felline: Portuguese
  • Andrea Holifield: Mandarin
  • Anna Frankova Whittlesea: Slovakian
  • Anna Golovko:  Russian
  • Balázs Erdős: Hungarian
  • Bethany (Gardner) May:French
  • Bhuvan Bajaj: Hindi & Punjabi
  • Christel Knippenberg-Jakobs: German
  • Christina Dalla Muta: Italian
  • Cynthia Crovetto: Spanish
  • Dvora Ben-Haim: German
  • Fernanda Regina de Souza Ros: Brazilian Portugues
  • Giovanna Balistreri: Italian
  • Gordana Janjić: Serbian
  • Inge Volleberg: Dutch
  • Magdalena Zofia Sikora: Polish
  • Mareena Nissi: Finnish
  • Marta Kępińska: Polish
  • Márti Szilágyi: Hungarian
  • Martina Jurlina: Serbian
  • Nanthanon Chueaphalakit: Thai
  • Natalie Bent Dalager:Afrikaans
  • Nina Vos: Dutch
  • Phimsuda Yaemchat: Thai
  • Phyoe Minn Paing: Burmese
  • Poppy Diacquenod/Mills: French
  • Rebecca Gonzalez: Spanish
  • Sharon Carfas: Hebrew
  • Sheena C. Lague: Tagalong/Filipino
  • Silviya Grigorova: Bulgarian
  • Tinatin Lomidze:Russian
  • Zeralda Nothnagel: Afrikaans

Newborn Care Specialist: 

NCS committee will coordinate with the Education and Exam Committee for the development of a basic skills assessment tool and, eventually, a credential exam and study guide for newborn care professionals.

Chair: Danielle Bujnak

Marketing and Promotions:

The purpose of this committee is to aid the Office (Admin Asst) and the Executive Board in the marketing and the promoting of the INA to its members and to the public.

Chair: Sue Downey – INA Co-Vice President


  • Austin Macfarlane
  • Rachel Lawrence


The goals of the Diversity Committee are to strengthen the diversity and representation of all people within our organization, to develop ways in which nannies, au pairs, and agency owners and staff from all diverse populations can be adequately represented, and to provide opportunities of connection and representation for people who would otherwise be overlooked, and to forge new relationships and provide support by bringing together people of different backgrounds, particularly of those cultures that are missing from our community currently. 

Chair: Alene Mathurin – INA Board Member


  • Sue Downey 
  • Daniel Butcher
  • Myrna Alphonse Newman
  • Michelle Brown
  • Thaty Oliveira
  • Dorette Williams
  • Celestria Wells
  • Christa Nader
  • Johanna Gamboa
  • Stephanie Bauchum
  • Christa Nader
  • Kim Morgan
  • Mara Moraes
  • Erin Loudoun
  • Jacqueline Williams
  • Teneisha Cook
  • Hannah
  • Rasheeda Mohammed

Growth and Retention Committees

Ambassador Program:

To develop and maintain a program that accepts volunteers who will represent the INA at domestic and international conferences and conventions in order to share the mission of the INA to everyone and recruit new members.

Chair: Cate Matijevich


  • Louise Dunham: Melbourne, Australia Chapter
  • Amanda Pancholi: Cincinnati, Ohio Chapter
  • Karine Piere-Louis: Puebla, Mexico Chapter
  • Stacy Wodin Los Angeles, California Chapter
  • Daniel Butcher: Los Angeles, California Chapter
  • Sarah Foster: Minneapolis, Minnesota Chapter
  • Kim Morgan: New York, New York Chapter

Business Membership Support:

The Business Membership Service committee was designed to support and assist industry businesses by working with them and pointing them to resources within our association and outside the association that would be.

Chair: Austin Macfarlane – INA Board Member

Caregiver Mentor:

The INA Caregiver Mentor Program was designed to foster nanny development and career enhancement through a formal, structured program that pairs nannies that are new to the profession or to INA with seasoned, veteran INA nanny members.

Chair: Tirzah Winterton


To deliver regular educational opportunities outside of the Annual Conference in virtual form in order to educate and inform our membership and the industry as a whole.

Chair: Jennifer Hough – INA Board Member

Member Advantage:

A program which works to give INA members discounts to products and services from companies that our industry finds valuable.

Chair: Alene Mathurin – INA Board Member


Responsible for creating and implementing membership recruitment and retention programs to increase and maintain membership.

Chair: Ruka Curate – INA Board Member

Recognition Committees

Meritorious Service Award: 

The International Nanny Association Meritorious Service Award goes to an INA member who has been a strong, sustained supporter of the International Nanny Association and its mission.

Chair: Greta Schraer

Nanny of the Year:

Responsible for the ethical and confidential operations of the INA Nanny of the Year program.

Chair: Board of Directors

Service Pin Awards:

The INA Service Award Pin committee is responsible for adhering to the policies of the committee in vetting all pin applications as described on the website.

Chair: Helen McCarthy – INA Co-President

Support Committees

Conflict of Interest Committee

Consists of two (2) or more members of the association who are not currently serving on the Board of Directors.  Should an individual Board member anticipate a conflict of interest issue that may be present because of their Board membership or if a Board member becomes aware of potential conflict of interest of another Board member the Conflict of Interest team will be called on. 

Chairs: TBD

Global Affairs: 

Responsible for informing and advising members to changes in the payroll, tax and regulatory landscape that impact members.

Chair: Rachel Lawrence – INA Board Member

Governance Committee

Responsible for measuring the quality of the Board and other volunteer members’ performance to ensure that all other committees perform at optimal levels overall and to oversee the INA legal entity. This committee is always chaired by the Vice President. 

Chair: Helen McCarthy and Sue Downey – INA Co-Presidents


The purpose of this committee is to seek out and qualify nominees for the INA Board of Directors. The committee will work to create the current nomination application and timeline of the process.

Chair: Merrilan Kougias


  • Joy Colino
  • Lisa Dozier