Board of Directors Nominations

If you:

  • Want to help influence the industry through establishing standards, increasing awareness, promoting information, and providing support.
  • Have good ideas and know how to get things done.
  • Have been an INA member since August 1, 2024 or before. 

Nominations for the 2024-2025 INA Board of Directors are now closed. 

Nominations to the 2025-2026 Board of Directors will open early in 2025. 

The INA Board of Directors is composed of volunteers from within the in-home child care industry who have a passion for seeing our industry grow. The Board is made up of nannies, newborn care specialists, agency owners, educators, and other business owners. Directors agree to a two-year term and agree to travel two times a year for Board Meetings as well as additional conference call meetings and updates. Each Director is asked to be a Chair or Co-Chair of at least one committee and these are divided among the Board depending on skills and desires of those on the Board.

The Executive Committee is made up of a President(s), Vice President(s), Treasurer, and Secretary. This group is charged with the leadership of the Board, staff and the organization. The Executive Committee may have additional meetings. The Executive Committee roles are voted on after general elections by the full Board of Directors. The term of each Executive Committee member is one year and therefore each Executive Committee Member must be elected or re-elected each year. 

Any Board member who has served on the full Board for at least one year can run for the Executive Committee. Board members must serve for at least one year on the Executive Committee before they can run for President.

Anyone with a current INA Membership can serve on the INA Board of Directors. You must have been an INA Member in good standing for at least one year at the time of commencement. (August 1st) It is recommended but not required that prior to your nomination to the Board of Directors you:

  • Have attended at least one INA Board of Directors Meeting.
  • Participated in an INA committee.
  • Attended an INA Conference. 

Qualifications, references, and other information is evaluated by the INA Nomination Team. 

Nominees: Members of the INA Board of Directors are nominated directly by the membership. If you know a member of INA who has exceptional ideas and exhibits the ability to follow through, please consider nominating them. If this description fits you, please nominate yourself. Nominations are now closed. Nominations will open early in 2025. 

Considerations: Serving as a Board Member requires a personal commitment of time.

The Directors serve a two-year term. Serving as a Board Member requires a personal commitment of time. The INA Board of Directors meet:

  • On or around August 1st for the Summer Board Meeting.
  • The first Weekend in November for a 2-day Board Meeting, usually in-person.
  • The first Saturday in February for a Winter Board Meeting virtually.
  • The day before the Conference in the Spring in-person. 
  • Monthly Check-in calls that Board Members should make every effort to attend. 

While elections may not have concluded during the INA annual conference in April or May, those up for election or who have newly been elected to the Board are asked to join the Board Meetings before. 

All Board Members are asked to be apart of at least one committee which requires between 2 – 5 hours a week. For a list of Board of Directors related expenses that are eligible for reimbursement, please send an e-mail request to INA at or view it in our P&P which can be found in the INA Member Portal under “Membership Only Documents.’ 

The Directors serve a two-year term starting on or around August 1st each year, and Executive Committee Members serve a one-year term starting on that same day.

Nominating Procedure: Interested in nominating yourself or another INA member? The process is simple! The nominee should fill out THIS FORM by March 25, 202.

Once the Nomination Form is received, all eligible nominees will fill out a full information form (which will be sent to the nominee.) Each nominee is asked a series of questions based on their INA involvement, skills they may bring to the Board, prior Board experience, and what contribution they will bring to the association. Nominees also provide references, one of which needs to be an INA member. The Nominating Committee then interviews each applicant and their references to make the final determinations as to which candidates will appear on the ballot.

The Nomination Committee knows the qualities one must have to serve on the Board successfully, and the committee presents a slate to the membership that it feels meets the needs of the organization. The committee has declined applications from nominees for lack of experience and lack of knowledge of the association.

Members of the current Board of Directors need to re-apply if they wish to serve another two-year term. The Executive Committee is voted on annually.

Based on their findings a slate will be compiled to present to the entire INA membership. Voting will take place for at least 2 weeks and is open to all INA Members. Results will be announced several weeks after voting closes depending on the results of the Executive Committee Voting. 

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The INA Executive Committee is voted into office by the standing (current) INA Board of Directors once general voting is complete. Only members who have served on the INA Board of Directors for a minimum of one year at the time of commencement (August 1st) are eligible to serve on the INA Executive Committee. Only those who have served on the Executive Committee for at least one year at the time of commencement (August 1st) are eligible to serve as the INA President. Those nominated as the Treasurer will have a full background check completed and be US residents.

Fill out the Nomination Form HERE

Once the nominees have been vetted and approved to move forward and be on the ballot, the ballot is presented to the membership. Typically, they are introduced a few days ahead of the start of the actual election, via blog post and email.

When the ballot is made available to members, an email will go out, and members will be instructed to log into their INA Member Portal to access the official INA Ballot. All votes are tabulated within our membership database system, Member Clicks. 

Voting is your right and privilege. Voting gives members the opportunity to select who you want to represent you as an organization. From the candidates presented, members can select all or just the ones you wish to have your vote count for. If a nominee does not get the minimum number of votes required, they are not eligible to serve on the board. So just being on the ballot does not ensure they will be elected and serve the association. For this reason, INA requests that all members vote.

To qualify as an official election, we need a minimum of 50 complete and valid votes for the election to be accepted. Each nominee on the ballot needs to receive a majority of the vote to be elected. The Nomination Committee and INA office will count the votes and determine who has been elected and who has not been.

We need 50 complete and valid votes for the election to be accepted. Everyone on the ballot needs to receive a “yes” for the majority of the votes to be elected. So if 500 people vote, then each person needs 251 votes to be elected.