Donate to the INA

The INA has several ways for you to give to the association and industry.

There are many ways to show your support for the International Nanny Association and we are thankful for people like you who have embraced our mission and make it possible for us to continue to make a difference in the in-home care childcare industry.

General Fund

Do you want to support the ongoing mission of the INA to provide information, education, and guidance to the public and to in-home child care industry professionals? Support the INA and our ongoing projects by donating to the General Fund.

The Deborah Davis Conference Grant Program

We are seeking donors to the International Nanny Association in order to create a financial aid grant program for nannies, newborn care specialists, other caregivers and companies who would like to participate in our annual Conference but can’t afford the full cost.

This grant has been named in honor of the INA founder, Deborah Davis. She was a fierce supporter of children and continuing education for nannies. Her goal in gathering people in the industry for that first conference in 1985 was to help legitimize and professionalize the role of nanny and the industry as a whole. Thanks to her insight and personal sacrifices, the INA exists.

Conference Sponsorship

Become a leader in innovation and education by becoming an Education or Conference Sponsor for the International Nanny Association.