The INA has always improved through the input of our members.

Do you have some feedback about what we are doing? Do you have a great idea that you would like us to consider? We want to hear from you and have several avenues for you to do that.

Town Hall

4 times a year, the INA hosts a Town Hall. We will be utilizing different social media platforms to connect with you. We encourage you to check out THIS PAGE to learn when the next one is.

Reach out to a Committee Chair

If you have an idea for how you think we can strengthen a particular committee, we encourage you to reach out to the Committee Chair directly. A list of our Committees and the Chairs of those committees can be found on our website. Additionally, the INA President(s) have an open door policy and welcome feedback or questions at any time via


If you prefer to share your idea privately, you can reach out to us at:

INA Office

INA President 

Full INA Board of Directors

INA Conference Caucus

Those who attend the INA Annual Conference are welcome to attend the appropriate Caucus. This session is near the end of our event and is designed for attendees to share their ideas moving forward. INA Board Members are present and will take that feedback directly to the Board Meeting the next day.

Attend an Open Board of Directors Meeting

The Board meets 4 times a year, some in-person and some virtually. If you are interested in attending or listening in on a Board Meeting please reach out to the INA office for upcoming details.

Please note that while INA Members are welcome at these meetings, they are asked to keep conversations confidential and are not allowed to deliver any remarks during this time. If a member who has attended a Board Meeting would like to offer feedback, he or she can do so by reaching out in one of the ways mentioned above.

Thanks so much to each and every one of you for helping to make the INA a positive and encouraging learning environment; we appreciate it!

Member Ethics

Based on a review of the previous INA ethics complaint process with the assistance of corporate legal counsel and a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, the INA no longer accepts ethics complaints against members of the organization. If you have an issue with a member that cannot be resolved through discussion with them, it is recommended that you consider seeking a remedy through the proper legal channels available in your area. If you require further assistance, please email: