INA Weekly Brief

Tips to Gain Support from Employers for the INA Conference

November 20, 2017
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You recognize the personal and professional value of attending the INA Conference and you want your employers to support your decision to attend. While you request the time off and make plans to attend, you really wish your employers would financially support your conference experience.

Here are some ways you can approach your employers and invite them to not only learn more about INA and the Conference but what this professional development can mean for them in return.

  1. Ask. If your employers don’t know about the INA Conference, they don’t have the option of supporting your attendance. Approach them directly and state you feel it is important to go to your industry conference, and request their support. Do some research to figure out what your expenses will be. This includes Conference Registration, Flight or gas money, and hotel. Then ask if they would be willing to contribute. You can use this 5 Reasons Your Nanny Should Attend the INA Conference that the INA has put together with an explanation to parents about how you will benefit from attending the INA Conference. Some may offer to pay all, and some may not offer anything other than the time off, so be prepared for either answer but you will never know if you don’t ask.
  2. Highlight the Education. With more than 12 hours of continuing education being offered, plus additional networking time, there is something in the schedule that will help you be a better nanny for the family. Show your employers the line-up of speakers and workshops being offered, and let them choose 2-3 workshops they would like you to attend. If your employers can be sure that your attendance will benefit their children, they will be more likely to be supportive of the decision. Giving them input shows them that they are investing in your skills. By supporting your attendance at the INA Conference, you will bring back all the tools and resources you learn, and put them to work with their family.  
  3. Gaining Resources. Let them know you will be able to meet and network with industry experts in child care, as well as other professional nannies and industry specialists. All those contacts become resources to your professional nanny portfolio, as well as resources and tools to use with your day-to-day challenges as a nanny.
  4. Added Value. When your employer supports your attendance at the INA Conference, it goes a long way in showing appreciation for all you do for them. It also shows that they value you as a caregiver and team player in raising their children.  When nannies feel appreciated and valued, they are happier at work.

While asking your employer to support and invest in your attendance at the INA Conference might seem like a terrifying ordeal, you will never know until you try. Take a minute, gather the information that will help them make the decision, and ask! The INA is here to help.  

Registration begins December 1, 2017. We’ll see you in Tucson.