INA’s 2014 Nanny of the Year Looks Back

As we prepare to announce our 2015 INA Nanny of the Year (NOTY) on Friday, April 17, we caught up with our current NOTY, Sheri Lopez, to share with us what she has done this past year and what being Nanny of the Year meant to her.

INA Nanny of the Year Award

It has been such a great honor to have been selected the 2014 International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year. Over this past year I have had the privilege of meeting so many exceptional nannies, newborn care specialists and other in-home child care providers not only in my home state of Arizona, but nationally as well. All of these professionals bring so much to the in-home child care profession, including education, passion and the desire to be the best they can be!

Being NOTY provided me with many opportunities, one of which was to write child and family focused articles for the INA, Nanny Magazine, Care Academy, as well as some local publications. Being NOTY also inspired me to form a nanny network group in the Phoenix metro area called ‘Professional Nannies and Newborn Care Specialists of Arizona’ where we support and encourage one another, schedule nanny outings and playdates, plus offer a safe place to share. To date the ‘Professional Nannies and Newborn Care Specialists of Arizona’ group has brought together over 100 nannies, and the group continues to grow.

I was a guest speaker at 2014 National Nanny Training Day in Tucson, which was a blast. I was featured in Nanny Magazine and on a YouTube channel called “All things Mama’s”, where I shared the importance of parents and caregivers knowing CPR.

I have also had the great opportunity to meet with many wonderful families over this past year and share with them what the role of a nanny is, fair compensation, the importance of background checks and paying their employee legally.

This past year has been amazing, one filled with memories, creating new friendships and personal growth. I will forever be grateful for this honor and would like to thank the International Nanny Association and its members for a remarkable 2014!


Sheri Lopez

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