Each year, the INA Conference selects a Charity of Choice in our host city to which we donate 50% of the proceeds from our conference raffle.    We look for a local charity that focuses on children and/or families.   This year we’re pleased to present Ciudad de la Alegria – Cancun (City of Joy – Cancun) as our selected charity for our grand 30th Annual INA Conference.

Cancún is a well-known holiday destination, delighting tourists from all around the world.

A few kilometers from the beaches, though, the beauty and success of the hotel zone are overtaken by evidence of poverty, marginalization, of the lack of public services and family disintegration.

Due to the overwhelming nature of the problems and the shortcomings of the government response, citizens play an important role, more so when they come together as civil society organizations.

For this reason, the City of Joy was founded by a group of courageous individuals who, committed to showing their love for others, vowed to generate a real transformation in the quality of life of the most vulnerable people in our community.

What is Ciudad Alegría?

“A possible dream”  for many of us. The Ciudad Alegría Foundation was created to respond to the most compelling community needs, through concrete and coordinated activities.

It is governed by a Board of Directors and depends 100% on donations in order to be able to operate.

Interesting note: The First Stone was laid on September 11th 2001, the day on which the USA was attacked, a day that turned gray and full of fear, pain and suffering, while here a new hope was born for thousands of people.

For the joy of helping others with love

The City of Joy is an innovative complex of Homes and Centers. Each one takes care of the most vulnerable and underserved group of people. Each Home or Center is operated by a specialized organization that shares our mission. We are located in the outskirts of Cancun, an area where the need of our programs is strong. The City of Joy helps more than 20,000 people every year, including less favored families, children, elderly with no relatives, women at risk, people with terminal illnesses and families in extreme poverty as part of our preventive program Mano Amiga School with 1,000 students every year.


Build spaces, generate synergies and strengthen actions in support to institutions which, with love and joy, promote the development and dignity of marginalized individuals and families thus addressing the most pressing social needs of rapidly growing cities.


An innovative, dynamic, efficient and trustworthy charitable organization, inspired by Christian love for others.

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