2015 INA Nanny of the Year Nominee: Clare Carlisle Stranger

We continue to introduce you to our 2015 INA Nanny of the Year Nominees.   Join us Friday, April 17th, as we will announce our 2015 INA Nanny of the Year Recipient.


Clare Carlisle Stranger- Victoria, Australia

Clare Carlisle Stranger feels being a Nanny is an exceptional opportunity to have a fabulous career, one that should be held in the highest esteem. Clare decided to take a change of direction in life, as she has two daughters of her own (now 19 & 17). After more than a decade volunteering within their school system and her daughters grown, Clare began her Nanny career in 2008 and has never looked back! . Clare’s experience and wisdom,have made a profound effect on her ‘Charges’ young life’s,which makes her feel extremely proud.  That passion and consistency, led to Clare being honored as last year’s first  ‘Placement Solutions, Australian Nanny of the Year.’

Clare was nominated by Louise Dunham who said, “ In our agency dealings with Clare since inception she has invariably been polite, on time and always puts the welfare of the children in her care first.”

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