2020 INA Conference Cancelation – Questions Answered

Thank you for your continued patience as we have worked to finalize the details and options resulting from the cancellation of the 2020 Conference. The Board met virtually over the weekend and discussed many options including transitioning the conference to a fully digital event, postponing the conference to later this year in Montreal or even moving it to the US this summer. When the Board looked through all the options, weighed the needs of our members and attendees as well as the continued uncertainty of what the future of Covid-19 holds, they made the decision to completely cancel the 35th Annual Conference.

The INA Board and staff share in the sadness felt from everyone about this decision but we feel it is the best option for the health of our attendees and the association. We know you have a million questions and in this post, we hope to answer as many of them as we can. There are going to be several additional emails to various groups (explained below) but if your question is not answered below, please reach out to us via email in the office.


We will give full refunds to attendees and not be able to hold funds for the future conference dates. We will make every effort to have refunds processed within the next 2 weeks, but it may take a little more time to reach your accounts. Please be patient as we do this.


Sponsors, we will be sending an email to you in the next few days with options for your sponsorship.


All speakers for 2020 will be canceled. However, we encourage speakers for 2020 to send in their proposal for the 2021 Conference. We are also considering options for these speakers to provide a webinar for the INA in the next year and we are hopeful that many will contribute.


We will give full refunds to all paid vendors. These will begin being processed within the next 2 weeks.


We will give paid advertisers an option to transition their advertisement to online advertising opportunities. We will be in touch in the next few days to share this option and/or refund details with you.


Nanny of the Year, Meritorious Service Award, and Service Award Recipients will be introduced through social media with special announcement videos in May. We will also be honoring these award recipients at our next INA Conference.

Service Award Pin Recipients will have the option to pick up their pin at the next Conference OR the pin can be mailed directly to them.

Business Meeting

In lieu of an official Business Meeting in 2020, the Board will share the President, Treasurer, and Committee Reports via eblast and Member Portal to all members. These will be released in May.

Board Meeting

The Board of Directors Meeting will be virtual. The date will be decided in the near future and all members will be notified of the details of this once the date is set.

New Board Installation

Just before the INA Spring Board Meeting, we will present the New Board Installation virtually. It will be recorded and shared with our members through social media and email later.


Anyone that purchased an Exam intending to take it at the 2020 Conference, will have their conference purchase rolled over to the virtual exam with NO additional upgrade charges. This gives you an added value of $35.

2021 Conference

Details about the location of our 2021 Conference may be delayed this year. We will share this information with you as soon as we know more.

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