2021 INA Nanny of the Year™ Nominee – Dana Feltner

The INA Nanny of the Year™ (NOTY™) award is presented annually by the International Nanny Association (INA) to recognize the personal achievements of a working nanny. INA’s NOTY™ represents a positive role model for our industry and association. We are excited to introduce you to our five 2021 INA Nanny of the Year™ Nominees over the next few days. Today, we would like you to meet Dana Leigh Feltner of Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles-based, INA Credentialed Nanny, Dana Leigh Feltner has gone from being her town’s favorite babysitter to esteemed globe-trotting international nanny with over 15 years of experience working with children in different capacities. After obtaining her BA in French and English, English as a Second Language teaching credential, and her MA in International Relations, she has enjoyed studying, living, and working as a teacher/governess/nanny internationally in the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, and France. Dana values continued education, often attending seminars and taking classes related to child care such as Child Nutrition and Cooking, Middle and High School Bullying, Etiquette for Children and Teens, and Postnatal and Infant Care to name a few. She has just published her first children’s book that helps children work through worry or fear and plans to write more in the future. Some of Dana’s passions beyond childcare and writing are playing volleyball, creating art, enjoying outdoor activities, traveling, learning languages, ballet/theatre/concerts, culture, and helping the underprivileged and foster youth. She has spent the last three years working with her third set of twins and is a member of Childcare Aware America, which helps increase the quality and availability of childcare across the United States.   

Dana’s reference had this to say about her: “She always goes the extra mile; she never settles for simply watching over the kids, she takes it to the next level, always finding learning opportunities for them and researching new information about child development, education and even nutrition. She makes sure that the kids are well rounded, kind, caring, and curious young individuals.”

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