2021 INA Summit – Speaker Introduction – Millie Tresierra

Meet Millie Tresierra!
2021 INA Virtual Summit NCS Speaker

It has been Millie’s privilege to work with Montreal families in birth and postpartum for the past decade. She works with clients in all contexts of birth (home, birthing center, and hospital), and in the postpartum period, with clients in their home, consulting on breastfeeding, baby care, home organization, time management, and new family care during this magical and vulnerable time. In her practice, she also supports new families through education in childbirth, sleep, and early parenting.

One of Millie’s main focuses is perinatal mental health and advocacy. It is her mandate to create liaisons amongst all care-givers working with new families, in order to provide a strong container for them to step confidently into new parenthood and to offer increasing and accessible resources in the community for mothers suffering from perinatal mental health challenges. As a naturopath, homeopath, and craniosacral therapist, she happily weaves these alternative therapies into her doula work, which offers her a full and exciting life-doula practice.


Millie will be teaching the following session at the virtual 2021 INA Summit:

The Postpartum Period: An Integrative Approach to Supporting New Families
This workshop speaks to caregivers working with families in the perinatal period, specifically in the postpartum year. It offers the opportunity to integrate all the aspects of new-family care: care of the mother/birth-giver, baby, other family members, and the intricacies involved in each, while also including the US in the equation of care, not only as caregivers but as agents of change and support. The work of caring for new families is transformative as well as challenging, and developing tools to balance the mental, emotional and physical realities of this work is the key to having a full, nourishing practice and to offering our clients the gift of active, embodied listening from a place of grounded inner resource.


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