2024 INA Board of Directors Voting Now Open

2024 Board Nominations Nominees and Continuing (1)The INA Board of Directors are representatives of the INA Membership, which consist of nannies, newborn care specialists, caregivers, educators, agency owners, business staff, parents and industry service providers. Each year the Nominating Committee strives to bring the membership nominees who will serve the organization to its fullest and meet or exceed the qualifications required to be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. Once the nominees are accepted, a ballot is presented to the INA membership to cast their votes.

Voting begins today, Thursday, May 9, 2024, and ends on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at 11:59 PM US Pacific Standard Time. 

Members can VOTE NOW. You will need your login credentials to complete the ballot. Let the office know if you need help with that. Log into your Member Portal at nanny.org

  • Each nominee for Board of Directors is listed individually
    • Vote “YES” if you would like that individual to be given a 2-year term on the INA Board of Directors
    • Vote “NO” if you do not want that individual to be given a 2-year term on the INA Board of Directors.
  • There is a space to leave comments. Be sure to submit your form when done.



Nominee ReaganReagan Fulton

Current INA Membership Category: Childcare Professional

Why do you want to be on the INA Board of Directors? Although I’m no longer actively nannying, my commitment to this community remains deeply ingrained in me. Having already invested in the community through public speaking and educational outreach initiatives such as the Nanny Camp, I recognize the difference that can be made through dedicated involvement. However, serving on the INA Board offers the opportunity to effect change on a larger scale, directly influencing policy, shaping industry standards, and amplifying support for nannies. This opportunity represents much more than a position — to me, it is a chance to give back to a community that I hold dear and to drive transformative change in an industry that impacts the lives of countless families, children, and caregivers worldwide.

Most important contribution to make to the INA Board of Directors? The most important contribution I feel I can make to the INA Board of Directors centers around my strengths in strategic thinking, advocacy for inclusivity, particularly for neurodivergent and medically fragile/disabled nannies, and my creative approach to problem-solving.

Biography Reagan, a nominee for the INA Board of Directors, presents a compelling combination of experience and commitment to the childcare industry. Having served as a nanny, she understands the profession’s intricacies firsthand. Her evolution into motherhood and the subsequent creation of a business underscore her comprehensive approach to addressing the multifaceted needs of children and those who care for them. She advocates for nature-based educational strategies, recognizing the profound impact that a connection with the outdoors can have on a child’s development.

Through her stewardship of Nanny Camp, Reagan emphasizes the importance of ongoing learning for nannies, along with the values of exploration, playful engagement, and fostering a sense of community within the industry. Drawing from her entrepreneurship, Reagan offers practical leadership and a strategic vision aimed at propelling the INA forward.

A vote for Reagan is a step towards enriching the INA with her balanced leadership, sustainability-focused initiatives, and passion for cultivating a robust, knowledgeable nanny network. Her aim to usher in a period of growth and connection within the community aligns with the INA’s mission to advocate for the success and wellbeing of every member, as well as the families they serve.



Nominee ChelseaChelsea Klassen

Current INA Membership Category  Childcare Professional

Why do you want to be on the INA Board of Directors? I want to be able to make a bigger difference in the nanny world. 

Most important contribution to make to the INA Board of Directors? I think my nannying expertise, mentorship experience, as well as research experience will guide me if selected as a member of the INA Board of Directors.

Biography Chelsea Klassen is a travel nanny with 10+ years’ experience working with families from around the world. Travel nannying has taken her to five continents and she has travel experience in 35+ countries. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Global Development Studies in 2018 and a Master’s degree in Development Studies in 2022.

Chelsea is also a sessional faculty in the Global Development Studies program and the lead researcher at the CHASI Hub at the University of the Fraser. Chelsea has research publications in the educational and community based research field. Chelsea centres her nanny practice on excellence, education and empathy, and strives to provide families with bespoke care that is considerate of each member’s unique needs.

Chelsea would like to be considered on the board of directors for the INA because she believes her community engaged and culturally aware nanny practice alongside her educational and research related experiences will contribute positively to supporting the International Nanny Association and its members.



Nominee DannyDanny Rosenthal

Current INA Membership Category  Placement Agency

Why do you want to be on the INA Board of Directors? I have been lifting up and speaking for the nanny industry on my own; being able to share and uplift the industry with the INA platform is a big opportunity to assist collaboratively in shaping our industry for the future.

Most important contribution to make to the INA Board of Directors? As Director of Community and Partnerships at Enginehire while also owning a nanny agency I have a truly unique perspective on the nanny industry. Because of my work at Enginehire, I have a bird’s eye view of the agency world. I interactive with hundreds of agencies, understanding their needs, their services, and to provide unparalleled service ourselves we steer the ship based on where they want to go, in building what they need to be successful. As an agency owner and former nanny myself, I continue to guide families and nannies on their personalized childcare journey while continuing to grown my own business.

Biography As the author behind “Nanny ABCs: The Sitter’s Handbook” and the host of the “Be The Best Nanny Boss Ever Podcast,” Danny Rosenthal’s expertise is widely recognized and respected. Danny’s dedication to nurturing the at-home childcare industry with his grounded and hands-on approach, as owner of United Nanny Agency in Chicago, reflects his deep understanding of the day to day intricacies involved in working with both nannies and families to find exceptional matches and directs their relationship with guidance to ensure a collaborative and long lasting bond.


Danny’s position as Director of Community and Partnerships at Enginehire, pushes well beyond his direct work to uplift hundreds of nanny agencies, creating channels for owner communication,and provide content to build their businesses, it has led him to create bonds with the leaders of the nanny industry as well as those that service at home childcare. Danny has earned him accolades and recognition from organizations and publications having been featured by the US Nanny Association, CareNectar, Adventure Nannies, Seattle Nanny Network, Via The Village, Care.com, Huffpost, and the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies. Furthermore, Danny has had the privilege of presenting at the 2021 and 2022 US Nanny Conference as well as the 2022 International Nanny Association conference.

While Danny’s professional achievements are notable, he attributes his success to the unwavering support of his loving wife, Alice. Danny can often be found sharing his favorite chair with their mischievous feline companions, who leave their mark with affectionate scratches.



Nominee HelenHelen McCarthy

Current INA Membership Category  Childcare Professional

Why do you want to be on the INA Board of Directors?  I would like to extend my tenure on the board for an additional two years to fulfill the maximum term allowed. This extension would enable me to hopeful continue serving as President for another year, providing leadership to our current and new board members. As the longest-standing board member, I am committed to guiding and supporting the board in achieving its mission and objectives.

Most important contribution to make to the INA Board of Directors?  As an international member of the INA Board of Directors, I believe my unique perspective and extensive global experience can make a significant contribution. My travels have provided me with a deep understanding of diverse cultures and industry practices, enabling me to forge valuable alliances with Nannies, NCSs, and Companies worldwide. I am committed to remaining authentic and fostering collaboration to drive the success of the organization.

Biography Helen is a Professional Qualified British Nanny (N.N.E.B) with over 33 years’ experience as a Nanny, NCS, Childcare Consultant and has worked in Europe, Asia, USA, UAE and the UK. Helen has devoted her career to the care of children at all stages of life, with all levels of needs. Over the course of the past 25 years, Helen has developed an exclusive focus on caring for new-borns.

As one of the pre-eminent NCS’s, she has amassed a deep understanding of the needs and development of newborns including premature infants, twins, triplets, and babies with allergies. 2015 saw Helen returning to nannying after attending Nannypalooza which inspired her to become a member of the INA. Helen was named INA 2016 Nanny of the year which saw her travel to Australia where she spoke at Nannypalooza OZ and being featured in the Financial Times Documentary on the new Upstairs Downstairs.

Helen’s passion for educating Nannies to the highest level has seen the launch of UK Nanny, Ltd the only dedicated events company for Nannies. Helen has been an INA Member since 2015 and joined the Board in 2018 where she is currently serving as their President



Nominee CateCate Matijevich

Current INA Membership Category  Childcare Professional

Why do you want to be on the INA Board of Directors? My hope is to work collectively with fellow board members that are continuing their term and help build a strong leadership team that can continue to grow for years to come. 

Most important contribution to make to the INA Board of Directors?  The most important contribution that I can make to the INA is my interpersonal skills. I am also very goal oriented and driven to succeed.

Biography Cate Matijevich is a versatile, dynamic private service professional with extensive experience serving HNW and UHNW individuals and families.

Cate started her career as a nanny in 2005 and spent the next eight years providing care for newborns and children, including travel nanny and family assistant roles. During this time, Cate was highly active in the International Nanny Association (INA) and hosted multiple interNational Nanny Training Days through NannyPalooza.

Cate transitioned into multi-residence estate manager roles where she managed housekeeping staff, cooking, household projects, vendor relationships, household schedules, real estate sales, renovations, household moves and event planning. Her experience also includes extensive organizational projects, inventory management, supervision of the household staff, calendaring, travel logistics, administrative tasks, project management, hiring, performance management, and creation of job descriptions and household manuals.

Cate proudly holds an Event Coordinator Certification and has obtained both a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management along with a Hospitality and Tourism Management Certificate. She is CPR, First Aid, and AED Certified. In 2020, Cate founded Estate Management Affiliates and is currently the Director of this networking group which supports individuals in the private service industry by offering a space to collaborate and continue professional growth at all stages of their careers.


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