9 Popular iPhone Apps for Nannies and Employers

Guest blogger Vanessa Vidal of INA supporting member HomeWork Solutions, a leading payroll and nanny tax compliance company, offers up the best smart phone apps for nannies and their employers.

Today’s smart phones are miniature computers on the go. Nannies and parents are constantly discovering new apps that help with care coordination, communication, and just plain saving time. Busy moms and nannies are constantly comparing apps and recommending their favorites to their friends.

Below we have outlined nine apps that are either free or modestly priced that are popular with busy families and child care professionals.

  • Week Calendar – color code your calendar to view professional and personal items, even keep a different color for each family member!
  • HoursTracker – Timesheet & Time Tracker. Even export to CSV and send to your employer!
  • Drop Box – store important files in the cloud for access from multiple devices, by multiple people
  • Smart ICE4family – In Case of Emergency, this app will store all important contact information for each member of the family (or for a nanny’s charges) including personal data such as age, medical conditions, medical professionals and emergency contacts
  • Baby Timer – keeps track of baby feedings, diapers, naps and more. An infant nanny log on the go
  • Mention for iPhone – Google alerts on steroids, including social media monitoring. Follow mentions of your key clients, competitors, or subjects of interest
  • Skype – a cross-platform video chat tool lets you connect with your nanny, child, grandparents, even those not on Apple products.
  • MyFitnessPal – all in one calorie counter and exercise tracker
  • Amazon Mobile – when you don’t have time to track it down, Amazon can connect you with almost anything!

What apps do you use to help make your job easier or your services more effective?


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