9 Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Nanny

INA Blog 9 Things You Must Know Before Hiring A Nanny 1By Claudia Jeffrey

These days parents very often work long days and it gets difficult for them to maintain their work and family. Many choose to look for help from a nanny. Recruiting a caregiver or a nanny is something that individuals across the globe do as it makes it simple for guardians to balance their work and parenting life. A nanny can remain with the child all day or can be there during the daytime as you need.

If you are looking forward to employing a nanny, you need to know some specific things. Let’s get into some of the most important ones.

1 – Look For Experience

The most important thing you should know about your nanny is their experience. Spending significant time with children makes the nannies’ knowledge important. You would not want your child to be in some inexperienced hands. Make sure that the nanny you are hiring has 3 to 4 years of experience or more within this field.

2 – Hire A Professional

To save time and money parents may hire a person for a nanny job without knowing their prior professional and educational background. This is not wise as you cannot risk your child’s welfare. Make sure that the one you are hiring has training and knowledge of childcare.

3 – Get A Nanny From An Agency

Your best move is to look for a nanny agency and let them help you select the best childcare provider for your family, factoring in your family’s needs. Hiring a nanny from an agency can cost you more, but it often comes with added benefits like guarantees and assistance navigating payroll and taxes.. Make sure to check for the agency’s reputation before finalizing the deal with them.

4 – Get Referrals

You can also ask parents of older children who have previously hired a nanny, if they have any recommendations. They may have a nanny they used to use or can refer you to a great agency Furthermore, they may have other tips that they found helpful as they hired a nanny.

5 – Interviews are Important

Once you have selected some potential candidates, you should conduct a phone interview with each of them. Ask about their experience and try to know their personality. Look for friendliness, responsibility, care, and other attributes that are important to your family. Narrow down the field and request a physical interview with some of them. Get them to meet with your family and observe the comfort level of your child.

6 – Check Out Their Social Media Accounts

As per the survey conducted by Assignment Assistance, parents often neglect to check the social media accounts of their potential nannies. Checking these public records will enable you to know them in a better way. If you find any suspicious activity or any habit that is triggering you, you can be aware of it. Don’t forget to talk to at least 3 professional references as well. 

7 – Decide Upon Holidays & Salary Package

It is important that you should be aware of what your employee is expecting from you. Considering the features, timing and duties, you should set a clear salary before hiring. Discuss the holidays and vacations beforehand so that you can manage things accordingly. All this should be put together in a Work Agreement. 

8 – Some More Things To Check

Along with all the above-mentioned things, it is important to check:

  • Criminal background check.
  • Social security number verification (or governmental verification from your country)
  • Driving record if they will be driving with your child
  • Sex offender registry against them

9 – Arrange Trial Days

The final step before hiring would be to arrange a few paid trial days. Yes, you should pay them on their trial so that you can set an example of how they should be performing after hiring.


Claudia Jeffrey is currently working as an Editor at Crowd Writer UK. She is a single mother and has dealt with nannies before for her two beautiful daughters. Claudia loves traveling and exploring new places.

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